Canada: Rally Held in Toronto to Support 20 Million Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party

On March 31st, 2007, the Service Centre for Quitting the Party in Toronto held a rally in Clarence Park, which is close to Chinatown, to celebrate 20 million Chinese having quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organisations. After the rally, the attendees held a parade that went through Chinatown. Some Falun Gong practitioners from Toronto attended the activities.

The parade

The parade attracts people’s attention

Ms. Sheng Xue, a well-known writer, gave a speech at the rally. She pointed out that extremely shocking news about China can be seen everyday on the Internet, such as people whose houses were torn down by the government killing themselves, workers whose salary was taken away jumping from tall buildings, and parents who cannot afford their children’s tuition hanging themselves.

Ms. Sheng Xue pointed out, “Why are modern Chinese people so cold and selfish? It is the result of the CCP’s long term enslavement, pressure and brainwashing.” Ms. Sheng Xue said: “There is still an opportunity for the Chinese people, which is quitting the party. We must save ourselves and save our souls. Quitting the party will give us a new life.”

Ms. Wang Jie, a columnist, pointed out: “20 million Chinese people have quit the party and destroyed their pledges with the CCP. They did it because they believe that Heaven will destroy the CCP and quitting the party will bring them safety.”

Ms. Barbara, President of the Association for Revealing the Truth about Communist Countries in Europe, pointed out: “The Communist Party has committed many bad deeds, and they will have their punishment. The downfall of Communist powers in Europe are good examples.”

Mr. Zhang Zhaojin, spokesman for the Falun Dafa Association in Canada, expressed that the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP has lasted for seven years. The whole world is shocked by it, especially by the newly exposed organ harvesting.

“The CCP has lost its people and is already hopeless.” Mr. Zhang Zhaojin said. “We call upon all the Chinese people to say goodbye to the CCP and welcome the wonderful future.”

Ms. Wu Mei, a volunteer from the Service Center for Quitting the Party in Toronto, told the reporter that she helped 13 Chinese people to quit the party at the rally. They are from Fujian, Liaoning, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Mr. Bi, 29, announced his intention to quit the Party at the rally. He said: “I started to recognise the evil nature of the CCP after the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre. The Chinese people will not have good lives as long as the CCP still has power.”

Mr. Lin Ming from Fujian and two of his friends quit the party at the rally. He said: “The word I use to describe the CCP is 'corrupt'.” He said that people in China have no chance to see such an activity, but many people in China know about the trend of quitting the party. He said that people learned about it through the Internet, or sometimes through faxes sent from overseas.

Mr. Tian announced his intention to quit the Party. He said that the CCP has a very bad reputation in China, and more and more people in China are quitting the Party.

A middle-aged gentleman from Qingdao said that he served in the army for several years and then became a policeman, so he knows very clearly about the evil nature of the CCP. He quit the Party two days ago at the Service Center for Quitting the Party. Today, he came to join the parade. He wanted to take some photos of the parade for his friends and family in China.

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