Australia: Parade and Rally Held in Melbourne to Support the 20 Million Brave People Quitting the Wicked CCP Organisations

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Melbourne Service Center for Quitting the CCP and other groups in Australia held a parade and rally in downtown Melbourne on Saturday, April 21st, 2007. They supported the 20.9 million brave Chinese people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. They also celebrated that the CCP evil specter is being uprooted. They called upon more people to awaken their inner hearts, disintegrate the Party culture, and greet a new China without the Communist Party. People from all walks of life participated in the parade in the rain.

Grand parade procession supporting the 20 million brave people quitting the CCP organisations marching through Melbourne

The parade started at 1:00 p.m. The Divine Land Marching Band especially came from Sydney to lead the parade procession. The majestic and vigorous music reverberated in the sky. People stopped to watch, and many vehicles passing by honked to express their support. People in the parade held banners reading "Congratulate 20 Million Brave Chinese Who Quit the Communist Party," "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party Inspired Courage in Chinese People to Quit the Chinese Communist Party," "CCP Evil Specter Has Been Uprooted," "Withdrawals Hasten the Collapse of the CCP" and placards displaying photos that expose the CCP's inhumane persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and live organs harvesting.

Mr. Chen from Taiwan heard about the news and especially came to see the parade. He said that he had not expected that the parade for quitting the CCP was so well organised and on such a large scale. Seeing the procession marching in the rain, he was very moved, and said that he was very confident upon seeing this scene: "The CCP will definitely collapse!" He then took the initiatives to pass out flyers.

Mr. Fu from Malaysia said that he saw the advertisement in the Epoch Times newspaper and came to see the parade. He felt it was great that the Chinese people could be so bold to speak out about quitting the CCP. Many people from Malaysia cannot distinguish between the Chinese Communist Party and China. He worked in mainland China for over a dozen years, and has been very clear about the CCP's nature of fabricating lies to deceive people. He said, "Quitting the CCP is very good."

When the procession marched through Chinatown, a woman who travelled to Australia from China said that she had learned that many people have quit the CCP organisations, but had not expected that the parade outside China was so grand and vigorous. People inside China are unable to hold parades, and doing so will end up with them being arrested. They all quit the CCP organisations quietly. She could not understand why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong. She said, "Falun Gong is just a group that teaches people to better their health and be good people, why does the CCP suppress it?" She also said that the CCP regime is corrupt beyond words. Every official is corrupt, but nobody dares to look into it, because the investigation will ultimately lead to the highest ranking officials. The common people are very angry but dare not speak out. They will be suppressed if they dare to speak out. The judicial departments received bribes from both plaintiffs and defendants. Whoever gives the largest bribe wins the case. There is a great disparity between the rich and the poor in China, and the common people live a bitter life.

A tourist from Malta said that a person has no right to kill others, neither does a political party. He took a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and said he would read it carefully. He said he was fortunate to live in a democratic country, and said that the Communist Party is bad.

A Chinese man from Malaysia said that it was rare to see such a large scale Chinese parade, and such a majestic and vigorous marching band. When seeing the portion in the procession that exposed the CCP's live organ harvesting and the persecution of Falun Gong, he was shocked, and could not comprehend why there is such a thing occurring. He said he felt the CCP is too cruel.

A man from Taiwan said that he had heard about the grand trend of quitting the CCP. He encouraged such an effort. A young western lady just came back from Shanghai, China. When seeing the parade for quitting the CCP, she said in Chinese, "Very good." An Indian man said that there are also several hundred million people in India, but the Indian people have freedom. When he saw the simulated torture exhibit pass by, he felt it was inconceivable for such a persecution to be happening in China.

When the procession passed by a shoe shop, the owner said that every time he saw the parade for quitting the CCP, he supported it and felt it was very good to call for improving human rights in such a way. The Divine Land Marching Band that took the lead was quite impressive. He said that the CCP's evil deeds are terrifying, and living under the CCP's rule will bring one bad luck.

Two young men who immigrated to Australia seven years ago, Gillor and Taule'alo, felt the parade was well-organised, and the theme of the parade was very important and touching. Particularly the Divine Land Marching Band's performance was great.

An Australian gentleman named Jaqurery felt the scale of parade was much larger than previous parades. He requested the reporter to wish Chinese people good luck.

Mr. Lin, trombonist in the Divine Land Marching Band said that the rain was heavy today, adding a somewhat solemn and stirring feeling to the parade. He could see passersby very amazed, and some people cried.

At 2:30 p.m. after the parade, people attending the parade held a rally in the City Square in downtown Melbourne despite the rain. Spokesperson for the Service Center for Quitting the CCP hosted the rally. Many guests made speeches. There were representatives of the Green Party from New South Wales Richard Dinatele, Ms. Robyn Kilpatrick from Amnesty International, Vice President of the Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) Liang Youcan, former CCP police officer Hao Fengjun, former Mayor Maribynong, City Councilor Ms. Rice, Spokesperson for the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) Xiao Zhonghua, former Olympic Silver Medalist in Swimming Ms. Jan Becker, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dai Zhizhen, Melbourne Service Center for Quitting the CCP representative Ling Ming, Falun Gong practitioner Lin Hong who escaped from mainland China, an Epoch Times representative and other guests.

Melbourne Service Center for Quitting the CCP representative Ling Ming said in his speech, "Today, we are here to support the 20 million withdrawals from the CCP organisations, right now, regardless of whether they are CCP high-ranking officials or ordinary people, they have joined the grand trend of quitting the CCP that inspired by the Nine Commentaries. The CCP's root has been pulled out. We call upon all Chinese people and the world's people to join in this great trend of quitting the CCP, and clearly understand the CCP's wicked nature. The more people who quit the CCP, the quicker the CCP will collapse. We will have a wonderful future. A new China without the Communist Party will soon arrive."

Representative of the Green Party Richard Dinatele said that we cannot only talk about the economy without talking about the value of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, basic human rights and the value of equity. When having a dialogue with China, we must insist on human rights. Several years ago, who could imagine that there would be 20 million brave people to quit the CCP organisations.

Ms. Robyn Kikpatrick from Amnesty International said that there are many human rights problems in China. But today we mainly talk about what is behind the so-called economic miracle in China. In China, a large number of child labourers and peasant have made huge contribution to the construction of China. But their situation is miserable. China maintains control of 60% of the economy and oil in Sudan, and at the same time, exports weapons to the country. So, the CCP not only persecutes Chinese people, but also people in other countries.

Vice President of the Federation for a Democratic China Liang Youcan said that those brave people who have quit the CCP organisations have chosen an even more beautiful future with courage and pride.

Former CCP police officer Hao Fengjun said that more and more people have quit the CCP, and all that lawyer Gao and others have done for human rights is a model for all Chinese people.

Former Melbourne Mayor Maribynong and City Councilor Ms. Rice said that Falun Gong practitioners are suffering persecution in China, everybody knows it, what can we do in Australia? Australia and China have a close economic relationship, Australian Foreign Minister Downer's claim "no connection between economy and human rights" is disagreeable and unacceptable. We should exert influence over China through our economic relationship, so as to stop the CCP's criminal act of live organ harvesting. We also can inform more people and MPs, such as the situation of live organ harvesting. She finally said that we will ultimately triumph.

Former Olympic silver medalist in swimming Ms. Jan Becker said that we should call upon the International Olympic Committee and other organisations to urge the investigation over the CCP's live organ harvesting and stop such crimes. During the world swimming competition held recently in Melbourne, she had conveyed to the organisers the CCP's crimes of persecuting Falun Gong and live organ harvesting. She thought that the CCP's conduct has completely violated the Olympic spirit.

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