"How Delightful to Be Free of Illness" - Written for World Falun Dafa Day

Life is ever-changing and one thing people are most afraid of is illness. Whether rich or poor, high class or low, everyone has to go through birth, old age, illness and death. Perhaps tribulations can be a turning point. Many people reflect at critical moments: what is the purpose of being human and why do people have illnesses? They may then choose a path of cultivation to return to their origins and walk on a bright and broad path.

Every morning before dawn, a large group of Falun Dafa practitioners can be seen exercising in the park or on the college campus. They come year-round except for a few days during the typhoon season. What compels them to firmly practise Falun Dafa? It is Dafa (Great Law - used as short-hand for Falun Dafa) that changed their fates, turning their gloomy lives into dazzling new ones. In anticipation of World Falun Dafa Day, they express their gratitude for Mr. Li Hongzhi's broad spreading of Dafa, His compassionate salvation, and their renewed lives.

Ms. Xu is a retired teacher from Guozhong. She had heart disease and severe insomnia when her friend introduced Falun Dafa to her. She understood and experienced a great deal during three years of cultivation. She shared her experiences at different Falun Gong conferences. She was delighted that her severe insomnia was gone without any treatment, and her heart disease is almost completely gone.

Ms. Xu stated that before she started to practise Falun Dafa she had to go to Taida Hospital twice a month for check-ups. The money she spent on travel and medical bills was about 10,000 yuan. Now she no longer spends any money on health care. She truly enjoys the delight of having no illnesses. She has been constantly spreading the good news of Falun Dafa to her relatives and friends and hopes that everyone who has a predestined relationship can also take the path of cultivation.

Mrs. Lin is a high school teacher. She had stomach cancer four years ago and the surgery removed half of her stomach. She underwent nine chemotherapy treatments and 25 radiation treatments. After the surgery, she took good care of herself. She went to many Buddhist rites and read Buddhist scriptures. Within a year her cancer reoccurred. Luckily, a colleague introduced Falun Dafa to her. Mrs. Lin has very good enlightenment quality and accepted it right away. She put down the attachment to curing her illness, firmly believed in Master and Dafa, and overcame the fear of stomach cancer. After two years' medical leave, she returned to school and now "clarifies the truth" to her colleagues. All of her colleagues and students are amazed to see her and her renewed life.

Before she began her cultivation, Xiao Mei had vertigo, heart palpitations, and stomach pain. Her husband took her to see all sorts of physicians. Later she changed to a special diet and spent close to 5,000 yuan each month buying special food. It helped a little, but did not cure her illnesses. After a neighbour introduced Falun Dafa to her, she went to a nine-day-lecture, and her body was purified. She felt a warm current moving from her head to her toes. Her insomnia disappeared right away, her other illnesses improved, and she stopped her special diet. She is close to 40 years old but others see her as much younger. Her 17-year-old older son, Lihong, also practises Falun Dafa. He abides by the Dafa principle "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" in his daily life, clarifies the truth to his classmates, looks inward whenever a conflict comes up, monitors his own behaviour to meet the criterion of a cultivator, and respects Master and Dafa during study of the Falun Gong teachings.

Jiamei started to practise in 2000. Her family of four all practise Falun Dafa. She feels the mighty power of Dafa. Whenever a conflict comes up and she becomes upset, she quiets her heart and thinks about what Master has said about looking inward, and remembers it is okay to fall down, but one needs to get up right away. She always remembers: "Falun Dafa is good. As a Dafa practitioner one should always remember Truth, Compassion, Forbearance."

Ms. Peng was a devoted I-Kuan-Tao disciple before she obtained Dafa, and because of her belief she was also a vegetarian. Her health was very poor. She suffered from hemorrhoids, a thyroid cyst, insomnia, loose teeth, and was so weak she needed to rest after walking only a short distance. Her daughter introduced Falun Dafa to her and she was very serious in studying the Fa and exercising. Even though she had only an elementary education, she learnt "Hong Yin" by heart. Shortly after she obtained Falun Dafa, she gained weight, her hemorrhoids disappeared, she slept well, and she no longer has loose teeth. She can climb mountains and participates in all sorts of Fa-related activities. She is 63 years old and hardly has any wrinkles on her face. She is often mistaken as her daughter's sister. Once when she clarified the truth, nobody believed she was over 60; they thought she was in her 30s.

Mrs. Zheng has been cultivating for five years. I was her husband who first found Falun Gong through a leaflet which offered free teaching. He suffered severe insomnia due to work stress and could not get relief from any treatment. To their great surprise, his insomnia greatly improved shortly after he started practising Falun Gong. Mrs. Zheng had a gallbladder stone at the time. She could not handle greasy food, and felt tired all the time. She felt as if she were a candle about to burn out. Now all of her three children, who were all susceptible to diseases, practise Dafa. It is hard for them to describe in words the delight and happiness they feel to have no illnesses at all.

Mrs. Zheng's niece had systemic lupus and almost lost her vision. Her parents nearly had a nervous breakdown because of their daughter's illness. They could not concentrate at work, and they looked for doctors everywhere. Even treatment in a pressured oxygen tank could not improve their daughter's vision. Mrs. Zheng went to them many times and spread the good news about Dafa and how to improve one's character and heart. They finally gave it a try. After several months, her niece's vision improved greatly ( from 0.04, 0.06 to 1.0). Again, Dafa showed its amazing results.

Mr. Ni stated that he is extremely lucky to be able to practise Dafa and to understand the meaning of life and the law of the universe. He keeps the Falun Gong teachings (the Fa) in mind and conducts himself in daily life with truth-compassion-forbearance as the measure of everything he encounters. Through daily Fa study, he realises that Master requires us to put down attachments. If you are able to do it, you will improve and elevate. He feels the mighty power of Dafa and hopes more people with predestined relationships can also practise Dafa.

Yuxuan is a 17-year-old student studying in England. He learnt Dafa in June 2006. During his summer vacation, he exercised every day at 4:30 a.m. and attended Fa study every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He also went to different group studies and experience sharing meetings. He says that he is looking forward to studying the Fa with fellow practitioners every day. Since he obtained the Fa, he feels happy, relaxed, and carefree. From Fa study, his character has also changed. He used to be an introverted child and is now a more mature, poised, and composed young man.

Falun Dafa practitioners feel the wonder of cultivation and hope to share their experiences with more people. Besides group exercises in the morning, they are everywhere during holidays and on weekends--at railroad stations, parks, markets, and streets clarifying the truth. They hope more people can understand the facts of the persecution. They hope more kind-hearted people will step forward to help stop the persecution, rid themselves of the Chinese Communist Party's poisonous lies and deception, and even walk the path of cultivation.

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