More and More People Learn the Truth

Three Policemen Withdraw from Chinese Communist Party Affiliated Organisations When They Learnt the Truth

The police officers in a county in Hebei Province have committed great sins in the persecution of Falun Gong. However, the local Falun Gong practitioners have been treating the police with a heart of compassion and continue to clarify the facts about the persecution to them. Some police officers have stopped committing crimes against practitioners after learning the truth.

Recently, two directors of a local police station in this county announced that they have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) organisations. One of the directors asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun and relevant materials from the practitioners because he was thinking of learning the Falun Gong practice. Another policeman who had previously been a group head also announced his withdrawal from the CCP's organisations.

A Female Taxi Driver Learns the Truth

In May it had been raining the entire day in a county in Hebei Province. When two practitioners and I were looking for transportation in front of a shopping mall in the early evening, a woman driver in a red taxi stopped in front of us. We asked her to take us to our destination. She requested two more yuan than the usual price due to the rain. We had no choice but to get into the taxi because it was about to rain again.

Once we got into the car, we offered her a brief greeting and then started talking about the corruption of the CCP. We further discussed about the inevitable demise of the Party due to its evil and highly corrupt nature, the withdrawal of 22 million people from the CCP and its affiliated organisations caused by the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , and the prophecies in China and in the West.

It was not difficult to notice the driver's resentment toward the CCP. When she asked what our belief was, I replied "Falun Dafa." She smiled. In the end, the driver asked us to help her announce her withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party's Youth League with an alias meaning "Knowing."

After I paid our fare, the driver returned the two yuan to me in appreciation. I was happy that one more person has learnt the facts.

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