Slave Labor: The Secret Weapon the Chinese Communist Party Uses to Dominate World Trade

The secret weapon that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using to help it dominate world trade is slave labor. CCP prisons and forced labor camps house huge factories that manufacture products for export. The guards in these prisons consider the inmates as their "treasure trees." Through the CCP's powerful machine of violence, the guards force detainees to work day and night. Falun Gong practitioners, who are illegally detained in Communist prisons and forced labor camps, are among those that suffer this inhumane treatment.

In some prisons and forced labor camps, the detainees are only allowed to sleep two to three hours every day. They sleep from 1:00 am to 4:00 am. Those who cannot fulfill the high production quota are not allowed to sleep at all, and may even be punished with electric batons. Inmates have to line up to be shocked with electric batons. There have been instances where several vicious guards used as many as six to eight high-voltage electric batons simultaneously to shock an inmate's head, back, hands, and feet. The batons are specially made for the police, and can produce voltage as high as one million volts. It often happens that some inmates cannot endure the brutal torture and commit suicide.

The guards clamor, "Prisons are the bases for manufacturing export goods. If you cannot finish the scheduled production within the given time and delay our export contract performance, do not even dream of getting out of here alive!"

Cheap products labeled "Made in China" have been exported to numerous countries and regions in the world. Because of this, the production lines in CCP prisons and forced labor camps are very busy and cannot be stopped. To those who live in free countries, do you know under what terrible conditions the inmates in Chinese prisons and labor camps are being forced to make pajamas, underwear, shirts, textile products, woolen clothes, and other clothes that you are wearing; the cloth dolls, woolen toys, and other types of toys that your children are playing with? Why does the CCP not allow independent international investigation teams to enter the prisons and labor camps to conduct a comprehensive investigation?

1. The situation inside the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai

The prison layout:

The No. 1 Prison Ward Building is a place where Falun Gong practitioners are being cruelly tortured and forced to do hard labor. They manufacture various types of transformers for export. The transformers are used for electronic products, home electronics, computers, and other products that require transformers. The final products are exported to various places around the world.

The No. 2 Prison Ward Building is another place where Falun Gong practitioners are being detained. There they confine practitioners in solitary cells for a long time. Inmates who are on death row are also detained there. The prison officials have conspired with the courts in forcing the inmates who are on death row to sign "Remains Contribution Statements" claiming that they will donate their body remains, so that their organs of their whole body can be harvested. This building is also used for packaging soaps, detergents, and other personal care products.

The No. 4 Prison Ward Building is used for torturing Falun Gong practitioners. The prison officials use specially-made "narrow stools" [note] to torture and force practitioners to "confess" their "crimes" and do forced labor. The detainees in this building walk to the Shenjiang Clothes Factory Building in the prison, where products are manufactured for export. In 2001, the inmates in the No. 4 Prison Ward had to work extra hours in order to make new uniforms for the police. (Every police uniform used in six provinces and one city in Eastern China were made in Tilanqiao Prison. At that time, the inmates had to work fifteen hours each day and most inmates had to sleep in their clothes).

The No. 10 Prison Ward Building is used for packing various kinds of silk scarves, handkerchiefs, and other silk products for export. The Shenjiang Clothes Factory's production building is packed with textile products for making clothes. Buildings in the No. 6, No. 7, and No. 8 Prison Wards also have hidden forced-labor production lines.

The paintings and calligraphy exhibitions inside the cross-shaped building as well as the inmate performing art group in the No. 9 Prison Ward Building are used for show to international visitors. These are places the CCP uses to showcase its fake image of protecting the inmates' rights and deceive other countries around the world. There are no production lines in both buildings.

The address of Tilanqiao Prison is: 147 Changyang Road, Shanghai City
The switchboard: 86-21-35104888

2. "Made in China" label is stained with blood and tears as well as viruses

The CCP is afraid that developed countries will detect its hoodlum acts, which are against global trade rules, via satellites. Therefore, the prisons and labor camps have used trucks with enclosed trailers for transporting various materials and products. If one goes to the front entrance of the prisons and forced labor camps in Shanghai to observe the situation, one will notice many trucks with enclosed trailers that busily drive in and out. The frequency of these trucks entering and leaving is no different than any large or middle-sized factories in China. This is because besides using these prisons and forced labor camps to illegally detain and torture numerous Falun Gong practitioners, the Party has also built many production lines inside these places to make products for export. Every day, the detainees are forced to manufacture various types of products. Under the disguise of "reform through labor education," the CCP forces inmates to work extra hours by using electric batons, whipping them with belts, and cruel torture methods.

The guards do not treat these detainees as humans at all. In these prisons and forced labor camps, inmates are being fed with mildewed yellowish rice. Because this rice contains carcinogenic aflatoxin, it is forbidden to be sold on the market, but it is being fed to inmates. Since they have to eat this "toxic rice" as well as engage in the forced labor of ultra intensity, ultra physical strength and ultra long time, most inmates become weak and suffer from many illnesses. Various kinds of infectious diseases are being spread in those prisons and forced labor camps.

However, the CCP's guards do not care about human rights at all. Many inmates are infected with contagious pneumonia, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and various kinds of skin diseases, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. These inmates are neither isolated nor treated. While having viruses and germs all over their bodies, they are still forced to work on the production lines. With hands covered with viruses, they have to sew clothes and make woolen clothes, cloth dolls, and woolen toys, until they cannot work any longer.

Some inmates hate the CCP's cruel suppression and brutality; however, because they are so afraid of the evil regime they can only vent their anger on the toys they are making. When making these toys, they intentionally put pus, spittle, and nose secretions, which are loaded with viruses and pathogens, inside the toys. To the world's people, among your underwear, pajamas, bedcovers, blankets, your children's underwear and toys, do you know how many of these products are made by those inmates who carry viruses and pathogens?

Now, the world has discovered that the CCP has exported large amounts of toxic foods, medicines, and other articles for daily use, since a long time ago. To the world's people, under such circumstances, have you realized that these "good but inexpensive" "Made-in-China" products are soaked with the blood and tears of numerous innocent people who are illegally detained in the Communist's prisons and labor camps? Various well-known brands of clothing, shoes, luggage, bags, and so on are also produced in those prisons and labor camps. Are those fake or inferior products? Who can enter the Chinese Communist's prisons and forced labor camps that are heavily guarded by armed police, to investigate the issue of "Intellectual Property Rights" of those products? When people buy these products, have you unknowingly supported the evil Chinese Communist, which is trampling human rights, freedom of belief, and is persecuting and torturing Chinese people on a large scale?

A historic tragedy is repeating itself. When the Nazis just started its fascist barbarous acts, many people in the world remained silent. What a tragedy the whole world had to face! If people continue to readily believe the Chinese Communist's deceptive words, disguised by smiling faces, then they are indulging the vicious Chinese Communist Party in its relentless trampling of human rights. If people still remain silent about these incidents when the CCP brutally persecutes and tortures Falun Gong practitioners, they may suffer from the Party's poisoning through their exported toxic foods, medicines, clothes, toys, the communist evil theories, and all other poisonous materials. They might be dragged into the dark abyss of hell together with the CCP. I hope that kind and righteous people in the world can recognize the CCP's true nature as early as possible!

Note: "Narrow stools" are 20 cm in length, 5 cm in width and 20 cm in height. Sitting on such a tiny stool is no different than sitting on a short stick. Prison guards force practitioners to sit on these stools from 5:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., a total of 15 hours a day.

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