What Does the Olympics Bring to China's, Qinhuangdao City and Her Citizens?

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Currently, there has been a great deal of demolition and construction of buildings in Qinhuangdao City because some of the Olympic events will be held there next year. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) says it is presenting the beauty of Qinhuangdao to the world. What exactly is the beauty of Qinhuangdao, as referred to by the CCP?

From July 1st-10th, 2007, the International Women's Soccer Invitational Competition (preparation for the Olympics) was held in the Olympic Sports Centre in Qinhuangdao City, as well as the Beijing Men's Olympic Soccer Group Meeting. In order to ensure "stability," the Chinese Communist Party tried to cover up the persecution facts by decorating it with a peaceful atmosphere. In reality, the Hebei Province Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary Wang Qijiang (male) came to Qinhuangdao in person to plan, direct, and strengthen the persecution of Falun Gong. The Qinhuangdao City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary Yang Tai'an assisted, and many agents participated. Their specific persecution methods including the following:

1. Implicating Friends and Families

In late June of 2007, the Qinhuangdao City Sports Bureau and the Olympic Centre dismissed some athletes simply because they are related to people who are on record as being Falun Gong practitioners.

2. Dropping In

They claim to have revisited formerly detained practitioners because they "care," but in fact it is an excuse to force these practitioners to write a guarantee statement promising not to practise Falun Gong. For those who refused to write the statement, further mistreatment followed.

At around 10:00 a.m. on June 26th, 2007, the Donghuali Neighbourhood (in Haigang District) Administration Chair lead Warden Zhao (female, from the Kaiping Labour Camp in Tangshan City), Warden Yin (male, from Hehuakeng Labour Camp), and Warden Lu (male, from Jidong Prison), as well as the Haigang District CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary, Neighbourhood Administration officials, and others, came to practitioner Ms. Ji Yan's home. She was not in. They said they wanted to talk to her and called Ms. Ji's workplace. They also harassed practitioner Ms. Zhao Yuhuan (a teacher employed by the city's No. 7 High School) among others.

Yiguan Town Official Zheng Dapeng of Shanhaiguan City led four officials from the Hebei Province Forced Labour Camp System. They said they were revisiting practitioners formerly in forced labour camps. They harassed practitioners Ms. Yang An'feng and Ms. Zhao Huanzhen, among others. On the afternoon of July 6th, 2007, they tried to visit practitioner Ms. Gao Shuling, who had never been sentenced to forced labour. Ms. Gao's family forced them to leave.

There have been many cases of officials dropping in on practitioners in Funing County and Qinglong County, where Falun Dafa practitioners are being harassed.

3. Intensive Monitoring

Those Falun Gong practitioners whom the Chinese Communist Party believes are "focus" individuals are being followed and closely monitored.

Practitioner Ms. Ji Yan from Qinhuangdao City was arrested on April 14, 2007, and she was brutally beaten by State Security Division Leader Lu Ping (male), and detained in the Qinhuangdao Second Detention Centre. On April 18, 2007, Ms. Ji Yan's heart problem recurred, and she was taken home when her life was in danger. She has since been closely monitored. When she boards a bus, there are vehicles taking turns following her. There have been people watching her switching at bus stations, and they drive to her workplace to monitor her. Ms. Ji Yan's mother is also being closely monitored.

Police from Shanhaiguan Department used a large amount of funds to establish a monitoring system near practitioner Mr. Wei Danquan's home.

Falun Dafa is a highly virtuous practice of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Many practitioners have benefited from this practice. For example, Ms. Gao Shuling had a terminal disease, but it was cured after she started cultivation. There are so many cases. Nowadays, health care, housing, and career study are three major concerns weighing on everyone's minds. These Falun Dafa practitioners have become healthy without spending a penny and have saved medical expenses for society. Falun Gong has greatly benefited the State and people without doing any harm. It is persecuted only because of the former head of the Party and instigator of the persecution, Jiang Zemin, and his jealousy. There have been more than three thousand practitioners confirmed to have died under persecution. There still are more than one hundred thousand practitioners being detained. The Chinese Communist Party's crime of harvesting living practitioners' organs for profit has been exposed. How will CCP cover these bloody historical facts?

International society is hoping that the CCP can improve its human rights with the upcoming Olympics. However, the Party ignores this aspiration and continues to persecute Falun Gong and mistreat people. The ancients have said, "The heavens will make one demented before eliminating it." The Chinese Communist Party's insane behaviour can only accelerate its self-destruction.

Citizens of Qinhuangdao City, please think about what good the Olympics brings us? Tall buildings? Display windows of economic development? How much blood and tears is behind this "prosperity?" The CCP is persecuting people for their thoughts. Where are our basic human rights? Now, many Chinese people have seen through their lies, and would "Rather Have Human Rights than Olympics." A few days ago, about 800 citizens of Shanghai City initiated, with their true names, an open letter entitled "Shanghai Urgently Calls for Human Rights Rather than the Olympics." The letter said, "The approach of the 2008 Beijing Olympics did not bring any good fortune or happiness to us. Instead, since 2006, it has pulled us down into an unprecedented human rights disaster."

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