Finland: Practitioners Protest at the Chinese Embassy All Year Round

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On July 20th, 2007, in order to protest against the Chinese Communist Party's inhuman persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and appeal to the world’s people to help to end this catastrophe, Falun Gong practitioners from Helsinki gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy. They displayed banners reading “Falun Dafa”, “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong” and they demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises. Practitioners used peaceful and rational methods to expose and condemn the CCP’s crimes.

Calling for an end to the persecution in front of the Chinese Embassy on July 20th

The CCP and Jiang Zemin launched the brutal persecution of Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999; it has now been over eight years. In order to tell people about the persecution of Falun Gong and stop the persecution, practitioners had come to here many times to protest against the persecution. Especially in recent years, no matter in the severe winter or in the mid-summer, on each of the five working days in a week there are some practitioners present. The following are some stories that have taken place there recently.

Finnish Falun Gong practitioners persist in protesting against the persecution in front of the Chinese Embassy regardless of the weather

People concerned about Falun Gong practitioners

On a cold winter morning, it was raining constantly. At nearly 11 o'clock, our protest activity was about to finish, a Chinese woman came out from the visa section and surprisedly looked at practitioners who were tidying up things in the rain. She told a Chinese practitioner who did not have a raincoat, “You are still persisting in the protest here under such heavy rain; my heart feels uneasy as I can sit in my car but you are in the heavy rain.”

Early one morning in winter, an elderly Finnish person warmly gave a practitioner a bag of sweets and also asked him to give some to another practitioner who was meditating on the snowy ground.

Every morning there is a postman who delivers letters to the Chinese Embassy, each time as he passes by he always said hello to practitioners. In the cold winter, almost each time he asked practitioners with concern, “Are you cold?” “You have sat on the snowy ground for such a long time, don’t you feel cold?”

People who have learned the truth

Once, a Chinese person who went to the visa section said to practitioners, “I have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. It is stored on my computer. You did a great thing.”

One day a Finnish couple came out from the visa section and curiously looked at the banners and display boards set up by Falun Gong practitioners. The young man asked practitioners about the CCP organ harvesting; he felt so surprised. Practitioners told him that the nature of the CCP is evil, it killed over eighty million Chinese people during the several decades since it seized power, the Chinese people have been deprived the freedom of belief. They were shocked by the CCP's crimes. Finally he patted a practitioner’s shoulder and said that he hoped the persecution could be stopped soon and wished the practitioners good luck.

A Finnish boy who looked like a student and could speak fluent Chinese discussed the situation of the persecution with practitioners. He said he had grown up in China and lived in Kunming city. He understood very much that the Chinese are not allowed to have their independent thoughts and opinions. Practitioners told him that all the CCP’s propaganda about Falun Gong is lies, many Chinese people are poisoned by the lies; please bring the truth to your Chinese schoolmates and friends after you return to China. The Finnish boy said he will do it certainly.

A Chinese lady went to a western practitioner who was distributing leaflets The Chinese lady doubted the reality of the persecution and asked the western practitioner why she practises Falun Gong and is Falun Gong really good? The western practitioner told her that Falun Gong is a very good practice and welcomed by people in over eighty countries all over the world and that she had benefited so much from practising Falun Gong. A practitioner near to her just got out from mainland China and suffered the persecution in person. Having known the facts, the Chinese lady indicated that she should use her own thought and judgement, not heed and trust only the CCP’s propaganda.

Once, several young people told practitioners that “the CCP defames you as a cult, actually the CCP is an evil cult. If not for the visa application, no body is willing to come to here.” They were also interested in Falun Gong and expressed the willingness of learning the five sets of Falun Gong exercises.

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