Ireland: Candlelight Vigil on a Rainy Night

On July 20th, 2007, Falun Gong practitioners held a candlelight vigil, mourning Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted to death by the CCP since July 20th, 1999, and disclosing the CCP’s crimes.

At about 6 pm, Falun Gong practitioners rallied in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland. They held a banner reading “The Day of Eliminating the CCP is imminent. Quit the CCP and its associated organisations for your life”. A wreath with the word ‘mourning’ was displayed in front of the Embassy, with dozens of small wreaths spread around. Although the weather was bad and it rained, without wavering, practitioners continued doing the exercises accompanied by music.

While practitioners were doing the exercises, many vehicles passed with their horns sounding to show their support. An Irish lady stopped in the rain and watched for ten minutes and couldn’t bear to disturb the practitioners who were doing the exercises. As soon as the music stopped, she walked forward asking what was going on. Finally, she also wrote on the petition: “Please carry on doing such a thing well.”

On seeing that Falun Gong practitioners were still protesting in such weather, a young man was so moved that he wanted to take a photo.

Finally, Zhao Ming, a Falun Gong practitioner, said, “Although the weather today is terrible and it has been raining, our candle light vigil is still going on. During this eight years of persecution, Falun Dafa is still going on in the storm without being extinguished. But, the evil CCP is heading for its disintergration and for its perdition during the persecution of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance’.”

“More than twenty three million people have already withdrawn from it in this spring tide of quitting the CCP. The day of the CCP's demise is at hand. For these eight years, we have proved a principle, that is, by using a way of peace and a way of kindness when facing the evil, we have not been cracked by the persecution and instead we have won over the CCP. The future people will not fear the evil as people today do. I think this is what our activities against the persecution means to the future people.”

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