Henan Provincial No. 3 Forced Labour Camp Authorities Brutally Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

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The Henan Provincial No. 3 Forced Labour Camp is the main base for the Chinese Communist Party to persecute male Falun Dafa practitioners detained in Henan Province. Since 2006, the Beijing Dispatch Office has detained over 20 Falun Dafa practitioners in this labour camp. During the past eight years of the persecution, three Falun Dafa practitioners have died in this labour camp, and many others have been injured, disabled, or suffered a mental collapse from the inhuman treatment they received in this place.

Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp has gradually intensified and increased the level of maltreatment of Falun Dafa practitioners. Manager Yan Zhenye, deputy manager Yao Songfeng, Jiang Qingtai, and Shi Baolong, chief of the No. 3 bridge (specifically for detaining Falun Gong practitioners), are the primary people responsible for persecuting the practitioners detained at this labour camp.

Practitioner Mr. Cui Shuyong Tortured with "Tying the Ropes"

Falun Dafa practitioner Cui Shuyong of Qi County, Hebi City was sent to Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp in April 2005. Chief Zhao Zhimin, instructor Shen Jianwei, and guard Meng Guanglu of the No. 2 squadron of the No. 3 brigade tried to force Cui Shuyong to give up Falun Gong. After he steadfastly refused, they began to torture him using various wicked techniques. The police officer's clubs were sometimes broken while they were beating Mr. Cui, and they tortured him with "Tying the Ropes" several times a day.

"Tying the Ropes" is an extremely cruel technique where two guards each tie a rope to one of his wrists, and pull both arms behind his back. Then, with a policeman leaning against his back, the ropes are yanked upward to inflict maximum pain. In order to pull the rope even tighter, another officer would grip the victim's head with his thighs, and pull on the rope. The pain from the tearing of muscles and ligaments felt like he was being cut by a knife.

Every time police tortured Cui Shuyong with "Tying the Ropes," they chose the nighttime so they could secretly take him out, or pretend to want to have a conversation with him. After that terrible torture, when Mr. Cui returned to his cell, he was then tormented by prison monitors (drug addict Yang Guoqi and Wang Yonggang) until around 2 a.m. Such suffering lasted for over a month, and Cui Shuyong was often in a comatose state.

Using Prison Monitors to Brutally Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp uses a "prison monitoring" system, where prisoners closely follow Falun Dafa practitioners 24 hours a day. They must eat, work, and sleep together. The people chosen to be prison monitors are prisoners who had led a life of dissipation, gambling, drug addiction, cheating, and stealing. The prison monitors are rewarded with reduced prison terms, and are allowed to take food and personal property from Falun Dafa practitioners. They also vent their anger for being in a forced labour camp by treating the Falun Dafa practitioners very viciously and brutally.

Pingdingshan City Falun Dafa practitioner Cao Haicheng, over 60, was cursed at and beaten by prison monitor Wang Wanxin as he accused him of not doing what he was told. After Meng Guanglu, the officer on duty, learned about it, he beat Cao Haicheng with his police club dozens of times, while continuously cursing him. The twenty-something police officer left him covered in bruises.

Although Kaifeng City Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Yuxiu was only over 30 years old, after being tortured and abused his blood pressure went as high as 200, his heart became weak, and he had difficulty walking. The prison monitor accused Mr. Wang of not completing his production quota and started to abuse him physically. When Wang Yuxiu did not cooperate, Yang Guoqi ordered a group of people to surround him and spit on his face.

When drug addict Zheng Tianjun saw Falun Dafa practitioner Li Gensheng speaking with Lei Zhongchang, he spit on both of their faces without any explanation. Wang Yuxiu said a few words to console these two practitioners, so a group of guards and monitors swarmed in and severely beat him.

Drug addict Zhao Guolei frequently insulted Falun Dafa practitioners. This person is cruel, cunning, good at starting arguments and stirring up trouble and gets pleasure from insulting Falun Dafa practitioners. Once, Zhao Guolei claimed Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Limin's work was not good enough. For this, he cursed and whipped Zhao Limin's face and maliciously kicked him. Once, when Zhao Limin shouted, "Zhao Guolei beats people", squadron chief Zhao Zhimin, who was on duty in the workshop, flew into a rage and tortured Zhao Zhimin with "Tying the Ropes."

Pingdingshan City Falun Dafa practitioner Zheng Jianmin was over 50 years old when local police took him to Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp. Zheng Jianmin loudly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" as he entered the camp gate. Nearly every guard in the No. 3 brigade besieged him, and called over several drug addicts who were exceptionally good at persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. They beat Jianmin to the ground and tied him up using five ropes. Zheng Jianmin's father is the former director general of the Pingdingshan City Public Security Bureau. After his family heard that Zheng Jianmin had suffered so much, they rushed to the labour camp the next day. They rebuked the guards' lawless behaviour and asked to see Zheng Jianmin. None of the police officers in the group dared to let the family members see Zheng Jianmin. They claimed that he had a bad attitude, that they were there to "educate" people, and that everything that happened was for Zheng Jianmin's welfare.

One day after lunch, head criminal Liao Hao insisted on cutting the hair of his fellow inmates. When he saw Zheng Jianmin sitting there working, he grabbed his shirt collar and shouted: "I will shave your head!" Zheng Jianmin struggled, and Li Hao began punching him. Falun Dafa practitioners Li Gensheng and Song Hongjian then shouted: "You are not allowed to beat people!" Several prison monitors instantly started beating all three practitioners. Deputy head Liang, who recently transferred to the No. 3 brigade, heard the noise and looked through the window. With his arms crossed he saw that the practitioners had been beaten to the ground. He coldly turned around and walked away.

When Falun Dafa practitioner Wu Changde refused to be "transformed1," the guards ordered the prisoners to create trouble for him. When Changde had diarrhoea, the guards on duty did not allow him to get to the toilet.

Using Every Possible Technique to Force

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Jinke, a doctor at Tanghe County hospital of Nanyang City, was sentenced to three years of forced labour - his second term in a labour camp. Li Jinke was badly beaten many times. The inside of his thighs were blue and purple all year long because the drug addicts pinched him so often, and police officers stamped on his toes, causing them to turn black. Many times Li Jinke went on a hunger strike to protest the unreasonable treatment. His prison term was extended by six months. In May 2006, the labour camp refused to release him, and Li Jinke again went on a hunger strike. Under orders from the guards, prisoner Yang Guoqi tortured Li Jinke in many ways. He forced Li Jinke to eat faeces and drink urine from the toilet, and forced his penis into Li Jinke's mouth.

Falun Dafa practitioner Xie Huijian was sent to Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp in April 2006. Because Xie Huijian was firm in his beliefs, guard Shen Jianwei tormented him, and then instigated prison monitors to prevent him from sleeping, force him to stand facing the wall, and to make him stand very straight and still. He also tried to make Xie Huijian slander Falun Dafa in front of the flag of China, but Xie Huijian refused. Guard Zhao Zhimin roared: "Because he didn't take the oath, the entire cell is not allowed to sleep tonight, and the reduced jail times of the prisoner head and prison monitor are rescinded." Thus the angered drug addict Yang Guoqi, who was the prisoner head, made Xie Huijian do 800 push-ups.

At the end of 2006, the Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp set up brainwashing sessions. Falun Dafa practitioners Lei Zhongchang and Xie Huijian refused to cooperate and refused to take the oath. Guard Zhao Zhimin then started to torture them with "Tying the Ropes." Lei Zhongchang was already in his fifties and has scars behind his ears from being tortured with electric clubs in a previous forced labour camp. During his previous detention, guard Shen Jianwei soaked rope in water and then tied Lei Zhongchang up because he was exceptionally steadfast in his beliefs. The wet rope grew tighter as it dried and cut into Lei Zhongchang's flesh. Shen Jianwei shouted, "Lei Zhongchang, I'll let you take the rope to your grave." Because this was his second time in a labour camp, and due to long term forced labour, Lei Zhongchang was extremely emaciated. Even so, guard Shen Jianwei ruthlessly punched, kicked, and slapped Mr. Lei's face.

The labour camp guards wholeheartedly want to change the firm belief of Falun Dafa practitioners. Physical torture is only one method they use to achieve their goal. Since the "Spring Thunder Movement" was started in 2003, the guards have tried to force Falun Dafa practitioners to slander Falun Gong on a daily basis, usually right after a long day of work at the labour camp.

Producing Forced Labour Products

Xuchang is the primary base for making wigs in China; over 80% of the world's hair products are produced there. There are over 200 factories making wigs in the city. Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp mainly does processing work for these factories (for name brands such as Rebecca, Ruihetai, Dadi, etc). Normal working hours for all detainees is 13 to 14 hours a day, and they often work overtime or all night. Sometimes they even work without sleeping for a few days in a row. Since the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong, Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labour Camp has used Falun Dafa practitioners and other detainees to output products worth over a million yuan. Every guard can earn a year-end bonus of ten thousand yuan2. How much blood and tears from Falun Dafa practitioners is contained in the rewards given to these guards?


1. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

2. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2007/7/17/159031.html

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