Russia: People Show their Kind Sides on the Streets of St. Petersburg

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From July 28th to August 4th 2007, Falun Gong practitioners in St. Petersburg held activities in the busy streets near Prospekt Bol’shevikov and Chernaya Rechka metro stations to introduce the beauty of Falun Gong and to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution and its atrocities of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. There were many touching stories during the course of the event:

The cleaner who was moved by kindness

The event on the 4th of August was held outside a restaurant close to Chernaya Rechka metro station. The street was packed with pedestrians. A cleaner from the restaurant, who had a huge workload each day, was annoyed to see practitioners holding activities there, thinking the event would add to his work load. The practitioners talked to him kindly about what Falun Gong is, how practitioners in China are persecuted and why they need to hold such events in Russia and expose this persecution.

Having read through the leaflets, the old man changed his attitude. He knew these were a group of good people following the principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” Not only did the old man sign the petition form to condemn the persecution, he also took the initiative to clear away litter and cigarette ends, so that the area around the practitioners was very tidy. This touched a lady who had been watching nearby. She signed the petition form after seeing the change in the attitude of the old cleaner.

The pure heart of a child

The event on the 28th of July was held near Prospekt Bol’shevikov metro station. On a small table was a copy of Zhuan Falun (the main book of Falun Gong practice) in Russian, along with other materials about Falun Gong’s spread across the world. A little boy came by unnoticed. Picking up Zhuan Falun, he started to read aloud. A practitioner asked whether he liked this book. The little boy replied, “I like it a lot. Where can I get this book?”

People found out more through banners and poster boards, as well as talking to practitioners

The truth holds the keys to people’s hearts

Having heard about Falun Gong and the persecution, one young man was stunned. He said, “This is the first time I heard about this. If I did not take the metro today, I might have missed the opportunity again.” Happily he took a leaflet and thanked practitioners for telling him about Falun Gong and about the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal human rights abuses against practitioners.

Information exposing the CCP’s harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners attracted people’s attention in particular. An elderly gentleman in his sixties expressed indignation against the CCP’s persecution of good people. He said, “My daughter understands Chinese and often does business with the Chinese. I will tell her all about this.” He took various leaflets in Russian and Chinese, saying that he would give them to his daughter when he got home.

Many people signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution

While waiting for his passengers to board, a bus driver read through the banners and information poster boards. He got off the bus to tell practitioners that what they are doing is extremely important. He took leaflets to read later.

Having learned the truth, many young people coming out of the restaurant saying things like, “Falun Gong practitioners, you have done a great thing.”

Having seen the poster boards, a woman said the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong is a calamity for the world and that more people need to learn the truth. A university psychology professor had been poisoned by the CCP’s lies while in China. In the beginning he echoed the CCP’s propaganda about Falun Gong. Patiently practitioners clarified the truth to him with many facts. In the end he came around, saying Falun Gong is traditional Chinese culture, which is good. He no longer opposed Falun Gong.

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