Dispelling the CCP's Lies about Falun Gong

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecution against Falun Gong relies on two things: lies and violence. As more persecution facts are being exposed, the violence has gradually become more discreet. Yet the lies keep changing and become reinforced. The CCP's lies continue to be an obstacle for many people to understand the persecution facts and the nature of Falun Gong. There are generally seven types of lies the CCP spreads about Falun Gong:

First, calling the persecution "salvation"of practitioners. Its large-scale, brutal persecution was portrayed as a way to save Falun Gong practitioners. These lies deceived many Chinese people. For example, Falun Gong practitioners have been called "superstitious," "refusing medicine despite illnesses," and "committing suicide." The people who are unclear about the nature of the CCP are easily deceived by this type of lies.

Second, frightening people by calling Falun Gong "dangerous." If the CCP only persecutes Falun Gong using the first lie, pretending that the persecution is actually saving the practitioners, those who do not practice might not care about it. This makes it very difficult to engage the whole society in the persecution. As such, the CCP also needs to spread lies such as "practising Falun Gong is dangerous to others," in order to get the broader public to support the persecution. They make it seem as though eradicating Falun Gong would protect and benefit those who do not practice. The CCP's lies about practitioners killing and poisoning others, and disturbing social order, all fall into this category.

Third, confusing matters by saying that Falun Gong is "manipulated." For those people who have actually personally known or worked with Falun Gong practitioners, the first two types of lies may not work, as they have seen that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. That is why the CCP needs to paint Falun Gong as a "manipulated group," calling these good people "manipulated people." It leaves the impression that the practitioners are controlled by others and therefore dangerous. These lies can be quite deceiving. For example, the so-called "besieging of the newspaper office in Tianjin," "besieging Zhongnanhai," and "ulterior motives [of the manipulators]" are all lies of this category.

Fourth, inciting people's fear that Falun Gong is a threat to the regime. For those people who knew the facts about the persecution, the first three types of lies do not work. As a result, the CCP needs to increase the depth of its lies. The Chinese people, having been permeated in the CCP culture for decades, often recognizes that the CCP regime cannot tolerate any challenges. Therefore, any thoughts or actions that the CCP considers to be potentially challenging are for sure to be controlled. The large number of practitioners made Falun Gong an easy target for being accused of "competing with the Party for its people." Many people then "naturally" protect the interest and power of the CCP and try to be "understanding of the CCP." This type of lies also includes those that call Falun Gong "anti-Party" and "anti-Socialist."

Fifth, manipulating patriotism and branding Falun Gong "anti-China." Falun Gong practitioners have clarified the facts on a worldwide basis. The CCP has no explanation for why the rest of the world is in support of Falun Gong. In order to sustain the persecution, it needed to give a reason to the Chinese people. Therefore, it calls all groups that support of Falun Gong and condemn the persecution "anti-China forces." It further slanders Falun Gong "tools for anti-China forces." Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party triggered the great wave to withdraw from the CCP, the disintegration of the CCP is imminent. Under these circumstances, this type of lies may work for those who mistake the CCP for China itself.

Six, blatantly denying facts. As more and more facts about the persecution are exposed, it has become impossible for the CCP to hide its crimes; blood of innocent people have already stained its hands. That is why it needs to deny the facts. The most direct way to deny is to simply label the facts about the persecution "lies." For example, it simply denied the crimes it committed against Gao Rongrong, Liao Yuanhua, Wei Xingyan, and the Falun Gong practitioners whose organs have been forcefully harvested for profit. However, denial is no longer effective in the face of mountains of evidence.

Seven, labelling Falun Gong practitioners and founder "corrupt" to confuse the minds of the public. The CCP regime has become corrupt at every level, and the public have strong feelings against it. The corruption in the government is a reflection of the moral decline in Chinese society under the CCP's rule. In contrast, one of the most remarkable characteristics of Falun Gong is that it has stopped the moral decline and actually improved people's moral characters. That was one of the reasons that the number of Falun Gong practitioners grew so quickly. Every practitioner can attest to this. Falun Gong practitioners change themselves following Mr. Li Hongzhi's teachings and moral values. In order to smear Falun Gong's image, the CCP fabricated lies that Mr. Li Hongzhi, "collects money, refuses to save the dying, lives in a luxurious residence, and drives a fancy car." From these lies, it became easy for the public to draw the conclusion that Falun Gong was corrupt, just like the CCP regime, making it possible for the public to accept the persecution.

Actually, all the lies are easy to detect if one thinks rationally about the issues. For example:

If the CCP really wanted to "save" Falun Gong practitioners, why did it force the practitioners to leave their homes and break their families? Why did it make it so difficult for anyone to speak a word of truth and justice for Falun Gong?

If Falun Gong was really "dangerous" to society, was it necessary to mobilize a public signature campaign against it? Has the CCP truly spent time and effort on real dangers to the Chinese people, such as public safety, corruption, and toxic food products?

In terms of "manipulation," how could someone manipulate over 100 million people so easily? Falun Gong books are available to the public, and the practice sites are open to everyone. Is the CCP saying that Falun Gong practitioners are manipulated because they followed "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance"? Isn't it a right of the Chinese people to seek legal solutions when being illegally persecuted? How is that "manipulation"?

If the CCP is concerned about Falun Gong being a threat to its regime, we should ask why practising meditation and being good people threatens the CCP. Falun Gong practitioners join the practice out of their own will. Isn't it an accomplishment, not a fault, for Falun Gong to improve people's moral characters? If this threatens the CCP, doesn't it mean that the CCP has lost its moral authority? Doesn't it show that Falun Gong is truly remarkable?

With regard to labelling Falun Gong "anti-China," it should be noted that every political-motivated persecution in the CCP's history faced opposition. Unfortunately, all of the opposition was silenced with violence. Since the CCP took power nearly 60 years ago, approximately 80 million Chinese people have died due to various political movements and persecutions. If every Chinese person opposed it, the persecutions would not have succeeded. Which should we choose, passively enduring the CCP's violence, or using a variety of means to expose the persecution and reduce casualties?

In terms of labelling the persecution facts "lies," examining the CCP's history could shed some light on this issue. The CCP has never shied away from lies and violence. It also has a habit of calling the victims "liars." If the CCP was so certain that those were lies, why was it so afraid to let the international community investigate the situation? The fact is, it has never let the international community investigate any one of the incidences that Falun Gong practitioners exposed. All it could do was to intensity the persecution and force relevant people testify falsely, or kill the victims to conceal the truth.

Lastly, on the issue of the founder of Falun Gong being "corrupt," one can find the answer easily by reading the book Zhuan Falun (the main text of Falun Gong practice) or asking any Falun Gong practitioner. Only a person of noble character can guide over 100 million people to improve their own moral characters. Why can't the corrupt CCP uplift people's moral characters? The contrast is stark.

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