Radio France International: CCP Continues Crackdown on Press Freedom Ahead of Olympic Games

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On the 8th of September 2007, Radio France International reported that Human Rights Observer, an organisation headquartered in the US, published a report condemning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for not making good its promise to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) on granting press freedom to the greatest extent possible.

The report lamented, “We are eleven months away from the Olympics while Chinese journalists continue to be in danger of personal persecution as well as police harassment, which casts doubts over the CCP regime’s sincerity of keeping its promise on greater media freedom.” The head of Human Rights Observer Asia Division pointed out that the CCP seems to view press freedom as its greatest enemy rather than as the guardian of public safety and social stability.

In 2001 while contesting to host the Olympics, the head of the CCP promised the IOC that China’s candidacy would bring about improvement on human rights conditions and advancement of media freedom. According to the report, Human Rights Observer could not understand why Chinese journalists could not enjoy the same freedom as their foreign counterparts.

Original report:

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