My Experience Being Tortured at Longmen Police Station, Longjing City, Jilin Province

In early January 2007, two Falun Dafa practitioners and I went to the villages of Longjing City to distribute leaflets exposing the persecution and were stalked and reported on by an old man, the village guard. We were arrested and taken to the Longmen Police Station in Longjing City where I was beaten severely and tortured with "hanging up in the air," "iron chair1", "pouring freezing cold water over people," for 10 hours by Vice Director Zheng and other policemen. The police also stomped on my stomach which caused me to empty my bladder immediately.

1. Hanging Up in the Air and Beating

I was taken into a big room on the first floor of the police building and many policemen came up and surrounded me, discussing what to do to me. Most of them left the room except for those who had arrested me. They told me to sit down, but I refused, so they kicked me at the back of my knees to force me to sit down. They began asking me questions, but I refused to answer, so they continued to beat me and kick me.

The policemen who abused me included Li Shenggen, who was the one that arrested me, and Jin Qianji, who was only in his 20s but was the most violent. He handcuffed me onto the window frame and beat me. My whole body, because of being hung up to the window frame, was almost completely hung in the air except for my toe tips which slightly touched the floor. In a few minutes my wrists started bleeding and aching terribly. Before long, my arms, waist, and other parts of my body went numb. However, Jin Qianji wouldn't stop here, rather, he picked up a strong and thick wooden board from the next room and beat me with it on my body. The wooden board broke when he hit my head with it so he went to pick up another one. He kept beating me until he felt tired.

After Jin Qianji left, Zheng, the Vice Director of the police station came into the room. They took me down from the window frame and began to question me. Since I still refused to reply to them, Zheng slapped my face brutally. After that, they dragged me to a room on the fifth floor.

2. Iron Chair, Pouring Freezing Cold Water over People, Beating, and Pulling Hair

This happened in an interrogation room with a steel table and chair in the middle. It was equipped with specially made cuffs that hold the person to the chair very tightly. The police told me that it was what they used to question homicide criminals. Nevertheless, they tied me to the chair and started to question me again. One policeman poured cold water into my collar upon seeing me not answering.

As they couldn't make me talk at all, they called Ying Zaidong, a policeman from the Criminal Group to come and deal with me. Ying Zaidong walked towards me after having studied me for one or two minutes and suddenly punched my arm, which made my arm hurt as if it was broken. He switched arms to beat me when he felt tired. After having beat me for a while, he went to my back and pulled my hair very forcefully. I was so hurt that I almost lost my consciousness.

3. Stomping on Stomach and Wiping My Face with a Dirty Mop

They tortured me with various methods for over 10 hours from midnight to noon the next day. When they finally stopped torturing me and dragged me downstairs, I was disabled. However, the policemen stomped heavily on my stomach, which caused me to empty my bladder against my will immediately. They cleaned the floor with a mop, and wiped my face and head with the dirty mop.

My experience is merely a tip of the iceberg, and even more cruel torture and killings are still going on. I hope people outside and inside China, will help stop the persecution.


1. Iron Chair: The "Iron chair" is made of iron pipes. Victims are restrained on the iron chairs with both arms and legs tied for a long period of time, see illustration at

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