United Kingdom: Rain Does Not Stop Play in Bradford

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To most, the cold, wet & miserable, somewhat typical English weather, would keep people wrapped up warm inside; but local practitioners saw the day as another glorious opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of practising Falun Gong, as well as letting people know about the persecution of the practice in China.

On a market day in Bradford’s city centre, many marquees were spread along both sides of the pedestrian area selling a wide array of food. Practitioners were able to find a place between the marquees, to have an area large enough to set up a table and have display boards. As the rain began to pour down the table had to be cleared, making it difficult to collect signatures on petition forms. Some practitioners handed out leaflets, while others stood behind the display and empty, wet table to perform the exercises.

With practitioner’s compassionate hearts, the rain did not dampen the activity and from time to time the rain began to break and the temperature improved slightly. With determination practitioners were soon rewarded; the marquee occupants next to them packed up and left quite early, leaving their marquee and tables free for use.

Under cover from the rain in the marquee, practitioners soon filled the dry tables with petition forms and other Falun Gong materials. Passers-by began to show more interest, many signing the petition forms, collect material and talking with practitioners. The whole activity was also able to spread out along a larger area.

* * *

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