Finland: Supporting 29 Million People Quitting the CCP in Helsinki

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On December 1st, 2007, some volunteers from the Epoch Times newspaper, as well as Falun Gong practitioners and representatives from the Finnish Service Centre for Quitting the CCP, held an activity at the central railway station in Helsinki to support the 29 million Chinese people who have quit the CCP.

I support you! Two young men with rucksacks sign to support the Chinese people

A kind-hearted Israelis sign the petition The banner reading "Heaven Will Destroy the CCP! ” attracts a young man to have a photo taken in front of the banner

Winter time in Helsinki, the chill winds sweep so that the people hurried by, shrinking their necks. Attracted by the banners, posters and the English broadcasting of the “Nine Commentaries”, however, still many people came to sign the petition.

Ms. Jiang from the Finnish Service Centre for Quitting the CCP said, “As the Nine Commentaries”’ is spreading widely, more and more people are awakened and the time for the disintegration of the CCP is drawing near. Ever since June, I have been spending more than one hour clarifying the truth to the people of Mainland China by phone every day. Up to now, I have persuaded about 300 Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organisations the Youth league of Communism and the Young Pioneers of Communism. Some of them even wrote down the hot line numbers of quitting the CCP and tried to persuade their relatives and friends to resign.”

The practitioner Dr. Li happened to meet a fellow countryman from Sichuan Province. Li told him about the “Nine Commentaries” and the great wave of quitting the CCP. Then the man asked Li some questions one after another: “Does it make sense to withdraw from the CCP? Are you volunteers? Do you work now?” Li told him about them and tried his best to clarify the truth to him. Finally, the fellow countryman agreed to resign the Youth league of Communism.

Seeing a lady in a wheelchair come to sign the petition, the volunteer Xiao Lv immediately passed on the petition book to her. The lady said she was Israeli. Xiao Lv then said, “The Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 was exploited by Hitler’s regime to promote terrorism and to expand the military arms more unscrupulously. As a result, Hitler launched the World War and caused the massacre of the Jews. This brought a great disaster to the whole world. So it is really a disgrace in the history of the Olympic Games. Killing the people can never co-exist with the Olympic Games. ” Hearing these words, the Israeli lady said, “In 2008, China can never hold the Olympic Games.” Xiao Lv said, “What we are hoping for is the Olympic Games without the CCP. The CCP is not equal to China. The great wave of quitting the CCP in China shows that the time for heaven to destroy the CCP has come.” At last, this kind lady said, “I wish you a success. Merry Christmas!”

After watching carefully the posters exposing the persecution of Falun Gong, a Finish man asked Ms. Chang, who was distributing the materials, “Is this true? Is it going on nowadays?” Ms. Chang said “yes” and gave an English copy of the “Nine Commentaries” to him while telling him, “You will understand after reading this book.” He said, “I am a Christian. You are doing a good job. The CCP is truly bad.”

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