Radio France International: The European Parliament Has Urged Communist China to Immediately Release Human Rights Advocate Hu Jia

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Radio France International News - On January 8th, 2008, the European Parliament urged Beijing to immediately release human rights advocate Hu Jia and other political prisoners. The report says:

"The European Parliament on January 17th passed a resolution urging Beijing to immediately release China human rights advocate Hu Jia and other Chinese political prisoners in custody. The resolution said that the thirty four year old Hu was famous for his braveness in giving a speech with regard to China's political and human rights issues. After his arrest On December 27th of last year, until now there is no sign to indicate he will be released. Negroponte, the United States Deputy Secretary who is visiting China now, also put pressure on Beijing regarding to Hu Jia’s case and the issue of improving China's human rights status.

Headquartered in New York, the human rights organisation “Human Rights in China” on January 17th said that after Human rights advocate Hu Jia had been arrested by the Chinese authority in the claim of accusing him to incite subversion of the state , the organisation immediately launched a appeal in the European all-round and obtained positive results. The organisation said that the European Parliament plenary session on January 17th has passed a resolution in condemning the Chinese government arresting Hu Jia deputy representative of the European Union in Beijing also had the meeting with Shen Yongxiang from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Special Representative for the Human Rights meeting."

"The EU Council, the European Parliament and senior officials from the EU committee who are in charge of human rights all indicated that they would continue to keep a close eye on the progress of Hu Jia’s case."

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