Switzerland: An Overview of the Activities of Swiss Practitioners (Part 4)

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The picturesque Luzern is extremely popular with Chinese tourists. Falun Gong practitioners have held many 'information day' activities. Starting from April 2006, the practitioners would come almost every day to the Swan Square where the Chinese tourists gather and distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (an editorial published by The Epoch Times newspaper) to Chinese tourists and hope they will learn about the evil nature of the CCP, not be deceived by the lies of the CCP.

More and more Chinese people were now willing to take leaflets and some of them asked the practitioners to help them quit the Party membership. Of course, there were also some people who did not understand Falun Gong practitioners because they had been deceived for a long time by CCP propaganda.

Ms. Li, one of the practitioners, once met with a group of Chinese tourists who not only refused to receive materials in Chinese or listen to the practitioners, but also used bad language against the practitioners. At this time, Ms. Li sang a song composed by a practitioner entitled “Tiananmen Square, Please Tell Me”. The singing from the bottom of her heart moved the heart of the tourists. "Well sung! Once more!", shouted some of the tourists after hearing the song. Some on the verge of tears told the practitioners quietly, “We actually know that the CCP is not good. We do not dare to receive the materials because we do not know about Falun Gong and also because we are afraid that some will inform against us as a mutual supervision. But we will not be against Falun Gong now”.

* * *

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