Germany: Praise for the Spectacular from the Frankfurt Media

In Frankfurt, known as the European Manhattan, the local media Frankfurt Review, Bulici (Blitz) and Fulici (Frizz) all carried advertisements and detailed introductions in wide coverage about the Gala Spectacular three days before the opening of the performance by the touring company in Frankfurt.

Fulici is a monthly magazine covering news on films, videos, entertainment and reports on various cultural and artistic activities with distribution volumes reaching 93,000 copies in the south western region of Germany.

Report by Fulici

It is mentioned in its report that the classical Chinese dances performed by the Divine Performing Arts Company, unlike the Chinese Gong Fu or acrobatics as known to people, are exquisite dances based on the 5000 years of Chinese culture.

On the Symphony Orchestra accompanying the Gala the report said that, in order to facilitate the Western world to better understand the artistic treasure of the East, the Spectacular will be accompanied by combining the Western orchestral instruments with the Chinese traditional musical instruments. The compere of the evening Show, a combination of both Chinese and Western elements, acted as a go between while introducing the performance and the audience understood and responded to the singers as the words of the songs were projected onto the screen.

In 2007, the on-tour performance presented by the Divine Performing Arts Company in more than thirty cities of the world attracted over 200,000 viewers. The Gala Spectacular as the world’s biggest Chinese cultural evening show presented not only pure entertainment but also an exhibition of the 5000 years of true Chinese culture and history passed down from the Heavens. Thanks to the warm and strong response to the Gala Spectacular and to the high opinions of the international media, the Divine Performing Arts Company will again present more than one hundred shows in the world in its on-tour performances and its unique performing arts will be spread to over sixty cities of the world’s four continents. The international metropolitan city of Frankfurt will so be honoured to be the first stop in Europe of the on tour performance of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe.

Report by Bulici

The report by Bulici says that The Gala Spectacular leads the audience by a brand new method in passing through the time and space of the 5000 years of the ancient culture. From the dance drama deducing the myths and legends to the dances of different ethnic customs, the Gala Spectacular will bring to the whole family not only an unforgettable night but also a touch of paradise.

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