Epoch Times: Grandmother Says Dancers 'Glide Along' at 'Spectacular'

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LONDON—Grandmother Ann Parsons from Sussex and her granddaughter took the opportunity to see the sold out performance of the Chinese Spectacular on Saturday night.

"The movements were so graceful, different to what I was expecting, I didn't know what to expect, but it was really beautiful," Mrs Parsons said.

Curtain call at the Spectacular in London

"The drummers were quite dramatic, but all the dancing was beautiful, they glide along, beautiful."

Mrs Parsons said she would recommend the show to others. "Definitely yes, spectacular. For anyone that enjoys colour, music and dance and good music."

Her granddaughter, Amber, was most impressed by the show's overall presentation and "fantastic, sparkly" costumes.

"I liked all the dancing and the fans and the way they were all dressed and their hair was done."

Theatre-goer Gerry Miller travelled from Bath to see the show.

"It was really wonderful," said Miller. "I've never seen anything like it. It was great to have the experience of seeing quite a different culture than what one is used to.

"And the technical standard and the artistic standard were absolutely outstanding. There are no weaknesses in the show. Clearly they are a very professional group bringing a lot of pleasure to many thousands of people during the time at the Royal Festival Hall."

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