A Farmer in China Shares his Cultivation Experience

I am a 55-year-old farmer from Northern China. I did not receive a good education, so it is difficult for me to write well. I will try to share my cultivation experiences here and hope that it will be helpful for other Falun Gong practitioners in their cultivation.

1. It is So Wonderful to Cultivate in Falun Dafa

I began practising Falun Dafa in 1999, and I can often see scenes in other dimensions. I knew nothing about Qigong (exercises to cultivate qi or vital energy in one's body) and cultivation before I learnt about Falun Gong. My wife started practising Falun Gong before I did. She urged me many times to practise it, but I did not take it seriously.

One night when I came home, I saw my wife doing the sitting exercise. For some unknown reason, I felt compelled to follow her. I sat down with her and thought that it was fun. When she came out of tranquillity, she was very happy to see me doing the exercise. She started to teach me the movements, asked me to read Zhuan Falun and also asked me to go to the practice site with her. Reading was very challenging for me, and I could not understand the book, nor did I want to go to the practice site. I stayed home to do the exercises instead. My wife kept sharing her experiences with me whenever she could.

Shortly after I started practising, I experienced some miraculous things while doing the sitting exercise. I would feel something bounce inside my body and see a bright light above my right eye after I closed my eyes, and I felt as if I was sitting in a dark and expansive dimensional field. I realised that Falun was no ordinary thing. I felt that my life had moved onto a different path. I was very excited and from that point on, I kept thinking about Falun Dafa as I went about my daily life. I found that all my illnesses had vanished, even though at the time I did not even know that cultivation could cure illness. Through studying the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa, I came to understand that Teacher had eliminated my karma.

2. Reincarnation

One night I started doing the sitting exercise after dinner and went into a state of tranquillity fairly quickly. Then I saw myself in an ancient time. I was a monk, in my fifties, wearing a torn, patched monk's robe and a pair of black cloth shoes. I was not in good health and walked slowly with a long walking stick. It was late Fall, and I saw the cold wind blowing the leaves off the trees and how they fell to the ground. When I saw this, I felt depressed. Later I remembered that these scenes were from the Ming Dynasty and I was an ascetic monk. I also vaguely remembered that I was a king at one time. Now I know that the cultivators of Falun Dafa have been reincarnated many times, waiting for the teaching of the Fa. That is,

"Dynasty after dynasty were the karmic bonds tied in anticipation of the Fa" ("Clarity Upon Gaining The Way", Hong Yin II).

Our historical mission is to help Teacher rectify the Fa in the human world, so we must walk down the path arranged by Teacher all the way to the end. Let us not waste Teacher's benevolent salvation of sentient beings and our own several thousand years of waiting.

3. Teacher Purified My Body

When I did the sitting exercise, I saw that my body was transparent. At the same time, I saw a cloud of grayish, dense air mass over my head, and a Falun was rotating on top of it. I thought that this might be Teacher using a Falun to adjust my body. If I wanted to come out of a state of tranquillity, the air mass came back to my body immediately and then gradually dissipated. At that point, my body was no longer that transparent and had a light fog in it. I realised that besides doing well the three things, doing the exercises is beneficial for transforming our bodies.

The above were accounts of what I had seen when I was doing the exercises at home before the illegal and brutal persecution against the practice began on July 20th, 1999.

4. Upholding Falun Gong in the Early Days

Starting on July 20th, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong. I knew very well that Falun Gong practitioners were all good people. Why did the CCP want to persecute them? I clarified the truth to people on a multitude of occasions. I told people, "Falun Gong practitioners are good people. What's wrong with them wanting to practise Falun Gong to obtain a healthy body? Why does the Party want to persecute these honest people?"

Later officers from the city police department and local police station ransacked my home. They said that they were tipped off about my wife and I being Falun Gong practitioners. Even though the police did not find anything in my home, they took me to the police station and handcuffed me to the garage door. They extorted 500 yuan from me before they let me go.

I was very upset to see that many practitioners were arrested by the CCP when they went to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. The CCP did not allow us to say a word. What should we do? We wanted to speak out to the public, so we wrote "Falun Dafa Is Good" on cloth and hung them up as banners. Later Teacher clearly explained the effects of truth-clarification, and then we understood how to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa.

5. Eliminating Thought-Karma

Once when I was sending forth righteous thoughts after dinner, I saw flashing circles of light. I knew that this was different from other times, but did not know what it was. Then Teacher appeared in front of me. I thought, "Whoa, this is Teacher!" My heart started beating very fast, and I was too nervous to face Teacher. Why? When I first watched Teacher's Fa lecture tape, a voice in my mind kept insulting Teacher. I knew that Dafa was good, Teacher was good, and that I did not want to insult Teacher. But surprisingly, even though I tried my best, I still could not control it. This situation lasted for two years. After studying the Fa, I knew that it was thought-karma, not my true self. Now that Teacher appeared in front of me, I felt ashamed. I knew that this fearful and anxious feeling was not my true self either, but rather thought-karma. I must send forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate it.

6. Maintaining Righteous Thoughts at All Times

I have been cultivating in Falun Dafa for nine years. Over the course of my cultivation, I have learnt that it is very important to have strong righteous thoughts, otherwise, evil factors in other dimensions can take advantage of it and intensify the persecution against me.

One winter day in 2003, I rode an ox cart to work. I felt something unusual when I left home. When I entered the mountain, I felt scared, but I didn't think of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. I just thought about wanting to complete the work quickly so that I could go home earlier, since I wanted to go with two other practitioners to distribute materials that highlighted the true facts surrounding Falun Gong and the persecution to a village that night. I kept thinking about how we should enter the village and which way to leave.

On my way home, the ox suddenly bolted, and I was thrown out of the cart. I fell to the ground and felt disoriented. Some people helped to bring the ox under control again, and I sat on it and rode off. When another ox cart came from the opposite direction, my ox started bolting again. I was thrown and the cart landed on my body. Still, I did not think about sending forth righteous thoughts. While under the cart, a few other carts ran over me. I was taken to the city hospital and examined. It turned out that I had broken bones in my back and injured muscles. The doctor said that I needed to stay in the hospital.

My wife asked me what I thought. I said, "What kind of people are we? How can we accept ordinary people's treatment? Let's go home." She agreed with me and we hired a taxi to take us home. That night a practitioner stopped by and told me that two of them had distributed the materials. I knew that this accident happened because I did not spend enough time studying the Fa and did not have sufficient righteous thoughts. The evil used this as an excuse to persecute me and interfere with me. I must reject the evil completely and not allow the persecution, even if I have gaps in my practice. My children wanted me to go to the hospital, and they bought me bone healing and anti-inflammatory medicines. Though I did not want to take them, I took three packets of bone healing medicine and two packets of anti-inflammatory medicine under their pressure, although I knew that I should not do this. Later, I stopped taking medication, and my neighbours and friends asked me why. I could barely speak, so my wife explained to them that we were Falun Gong practitioners and our Teacher was taking care of us. After a month, I was able to walk again. Others felt that it was incredible since they thought that I would be disabled. Knowing that I practised Falun Gong, they started to see Falun Dafa as being miraculous and told others about it. During my recovery, I had a very strong feeling that Teacher was adjusting my body. I am really grateful for how benevolent Teacher was to save me.

7. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate Evil

When I send forth righteous thoughts, I can see different things at different times. In the earlier days when I held up my right hand to eliminate the evil, I would often target the former head and initiator of the persecution, Jiang Zemin. He was indeed a toad. I sent forth righteous thoughts and got hold of him. He changed into a big vicious toad with popping eyes. He could also change into many different forms. I concentrated on sending forth righteous thoughts, and it soon dissolved.

Once I saw a small child sitting on Jiang Zemin's head. Jiang's head was pressed down and disfigured. Another time I tried to grab Jiang Zemin, and I saw countless Chinese characters of "Mie" lined up for him. When Jiang Zemin's face appeared, a "Mie" character flew over and hit it, and Jiang's face completely shattered. Then he would show up again, and another "Mie" character would hit him again. His face kept showing up, and he kept getting hit. I thought that this was how Dafa practitioners eliminate him in other dimensions.

When switching to the lotus flower palm position during sending forth righteous thoughts, the scene was quite magnificent. I saw a huge dimension within the lotus flower palm, one that was boundless wide and deep. The Earth became very small, as if it were just the size of a match box. I saw Jiang Zemin continually falling down along the big dimension. He tried to grab hold of something with his hands, but he just kept falling.

I have shared my experiences and understanding. I hope that this will be helpful for everyone's cultivation.

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