Austria: The Divine Performing Arts Debuts in Vienna

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The Divine Performing Arts held its first Chinese Spectacular in Vienna, Austria on March 6, to a warm welcome from the artistic community. Gregor Hatala, the leading Ballet dancer for the Austrian State Opera House, Jennifer O'Loughlin, Soprano of Vienna Opera House, and Kathrin Czerny, a famous Ballet dancer in Austria, gave the show high marks. Leading Ballet dancer: "Come to watch the show, if you want to broaden your vision of the arts." Gregor Hatala is the leading Ballet dancer at the State Opera House. He told reporters that he loved the show, especially the drum dances and the "Mongolian Bowl Dance". Mr. Hatala said that he learned a lot from the show. "It gave me some ideas, which I might be able to use in my choreography. For example, some movements in the 'Chopsticks Zest' dance are very interesting."

Mr. Hatala, the principal dancer of the State Opera House, talks with Zhao Liang, a dancer for the Divine Performing Arts

Mr. Hatala praised the professional skills of the dancers in the arts company. He said: "I especially appreciate their personalized performances, which I think is very important in any form of art." He mentioned that two or three actresses' performances were eye-catching, and one of the actors, Mr. Wang Xuejun, had some very difficult but beautiful movements. He said: "On the stage, if one of the actors can draw your attention, and you can distinguish his personality, then the whole dance will be very interesting." Mr. Hatala said: "I think the show is very interesting, although some Western artists may have difficulty understanding it. European people don't have many chances to see such a show. Everybody knows a little bit about China, such as the Great Wall, the current tyrannical government, etc.. But the European public doesn't know much about Chinese dance and music. So, I think the show is very interesting." When a reporter asked how he would recommend the show to his friends, Mr. Hatala said: "You must come to see it, if you want to broaden your vision of art and learn the Chinese style of art, which is completely different than European arts." Famous Ballet Dancer: The show is inspiring Kathrin Czerny is a leading Ballet dancer at the Vienna Opera House, and is well-known in Austria. She said the show was very inspiring. "I learned some Chinese culture, which makes me very happy," she said.

Kathrin Czerny, the leading Ballet dancer at Vienna Opera House: "I enjoyed the show."

Ms. Czerny said: "I have never seen Chinese dance before, but I think it is very interesting. I gained some ideas from it. The dances were impressive, especially "Water Sleeve", which was very beautiful." She noted the difference between Ballet, which requires dancers to stand on their toes and perform, and Chinese dances, which have a lot of arm and hand movements. "The actresses' movements are sensitive. I like the movement in their fingers and arms," she said. Ms. Czerny said the actresses were soft and gentle, and actors were strong and powerful. "The background scene design reflected Chinese history. Different historical stories, rich colors, beautiful costumes and the hosts' excellent performances made the show spectacular," she said. Soprano of the Vienna Opera House: A Grand Show, A Spectacle Jennifer O'Loughlin, a Soprano of the Vienna Opera House, said that the show was charming. "I enjoyed the music and everything, especially the "Mongolian Bowl Dance" and "Water Sleeve" dance. They are really neat," she said. "Two hosts of the show explained the stories in German before each dance. That is wonderful."

Jennifer O'Loughlin, Soprano of the Vienna Opera House

She said the Chinese singing was interesting. She can tell the background music of the singing was the combination of traditional and modern music. Ms. O'Loughlin said the show was a perfect combination of Eastern and Western arts. "A grand show, a Spectacle," she said.

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