Taiwan: Director of Academic Affairs in Kaohsiung says that the Chinese Spectacular is the Highest Level of Art

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In the evening on March 7th, 2007, Mr. Liu Kun-Lin, President of the Culture and Education Foundation of the National Ping-tung Girls' Senior High School, and his wife attended the fourth Chinese Spectacular show in Kaohsiung. They were impressed by the precision movements in the dances and the artists' quick and expert moves.

Mr. Liu said he liked the powerful "Drummers of the Tang Court." He thought the artists' fast, precise movements demonstrated true masculinity. He remarked on the content that teaches people to be kind and said that the younger generations have forgotten about this virtue. He encouraged young people to come to the Spectacular and become educated about traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Liu's wife praised the story and staging for "Lady of the Moon." She was most impressed by "The Risen Lotus Flower", which depicts a Falun Gong practitioner being tortured to death because of her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." Afterward she rises to heaven. Ms. Liu said that doing evil deeds is not true human nature and that everyone should understand the principle of karmic retribution.

Ms. Pan Hsueh-hua, Director of Academic Affairs of the Chu-Tian Elementary School in Ping-tung, said she was most impressed with how the visual media blended into the performance and created a powerful impact.

Ms. Pan, who majors in music, said she liked "Victory Drums" the most. "Very powerful and stunning." She joked about how she felt about this program because she'd been busy all day and needed a boost of energy. "Art inspires deep feelings that make you calm down and allow you to immerse yourself in this beautiful thing. The Chinese Spectacular provides the highest form of enjoyment in art."

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