Holland: Dutch Practitioners Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day

On May 12th, 2008, Dutch practitioners held activities in Rotterdam to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. While celebrating the festival, they erected picture displays, performed exercise demonstrations and petitioned to raise awareness about the persecution happening in China. Lots of people saw the harmony and goodness of Falun Gong and got to know the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP. One after another, lots of people signed the petition appealing for a stop to the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong.

On that day, Falun Gong practitioners arrived in Rotterdam city centre quite early. They laid the materials out, set the pictures and demonstrated the exercises. The slow and smooth exercises attracted lots of people to stay and watch. A little Chinese practitioner exercising surprised the people. She is named Yuan yuan and six years old. She just came to Rotterdam one month ago from China. She lived with her grandmother from her birth, who is also a Falun Gong practitioner. The pair studied and exercised everyday. They also tell the truth to the people surrounding them. She not only does the five sets of exercises but also reads the Falun Gong book . When she joined in the celebration, she also missed her grandmother who is detained unlawfully in prison in China.

The practitioners did the exercises and at the same time clarified the truth. Some people even started signing the petition before they had finished listening to the truth. A few university students came back in a while after they were told the truth, read the display and signed the petition. Then asked the practitioners if they could take pictures together with them. This satisfied them happily.

The practitioners presented their wishes to Master for his fifty-seventh birthday

At the end of the celebration, the practitioners held their hands together in salutation to wish Master a happy birthday.

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