Taiwan: Chiayi County Council Passed a Resolution Supporting NTDTV's Competition Series

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On June 11, 2008, at its sixteenth scheduled meeting, Chiayi County Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting NTDTV's series of global competitions to be held in 2008. The resolution also recommended that county government assist with publicity and encourage citizens to participate in the contests, get to know the top candidates from other countries, and improve the area's international image through the contests and thereby attract more tourists.

Council member Liu Hong-wen said, "NTDTV's nine grand competitions will promote Chinese traditional culture and have a positive impact on the society. Such activities can make Chiayi more well-known and attract more tourists."

NTDTV announced that the 2008 competitions were to promote righteous cultures of pure truth, pure compassion, and pure beauty and to promote harmony between different cultures and races. The nine contests are: Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition, Chinese Violin Competition, Chinese Vocal Competition, Chinese Piano Competition, Han Culture Design Competition, Chinese Figure Painting Competition, Chinese Culinary Competition, Chinese Classical Dance Competition, and Chinese Photography Competition.

NTDTV announced that five primary competitions in the Asian Pacific region would be held in Taiwan. They will be: Chinese Vocals, Chinese Traditional Martial Arts, Chinese Culinary, Chinese Classical Dance, and Han Culture Design. The primary contest for the Chinese Vocal Competition of the Asian Pacific region will be held on the Chiayi Minhsiong campus on July 5, 2008.

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