Sweden: Falun Gong Practitioners Raise Awareness about the Persecution of the Practice in China

On June 14th, 2008, volunteers from the Swedish Quitting the CCP Service Centre went to Karlstad city central square to raise awareness about the evil crimes of the CCP and to support a 'quitting the CCP' activity there.

The organiser of the activity told the people on site of the evil crimes CCP committed on the Chinese people and the current huge torrent of quitting the CCP. The singer, who was also the guitar player of the Yellow Express band said, “Using the beautiful singing and the expression of the words helps the people who have been persecuted by the evil CCP in China”.

This was the first time for the Swedish Quitting CCP Service Centre to hold an activity in Karlstad. With curiosity, people came to see it. Lots of them gave the thumbs up sign to express their support. A doctor working at the Karlstad hospital came to say that she was very concerned about what’s happening in China. She said she had read a report about the CCP harvesting organs from living people in a newspaper. She also expressed that she hoped the CCP would be disassembled as soon as possible and then the Chinese people would be able to enjoy a better future.

The Swedish Quitting the CCP Service Centre will carry on its activities in other cities.

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