Strong Righteous Thoughts Ensure Safety

As Falun Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification period, we are walking on a divine path. Our great Teacher has already given us great abilities to protect ourselves. If we have righteous thoughts and actions, we will definitely be safe. Certainly, the premise is that we must diligently study the Fa. Please allow me to share some stories with my fellow practitioners.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong, the police scrutinized people's bags very closely in order to prevent practitioners from going to appeal for justice. When I took a bus to my college in the provincial capital, the police stopped the vehicle to search passengers' bags one by one. At the very beginning I didn't react because I didn't know what the police were looking for. Suddenly I realized that I had Dafa books with me. At that point, I felt a little nervous. How should I handle the situation? A lot of thoughts crossed my mind. Right before the police searched me, I made up my mind that it didn't matter what happened, my determination to cultivate and practice Falun Dafa would be unshakable. I calmly took my bag down from the luggage rack and asked the police, "Do you want to check my bag? All it has in it are my things for school." The police replied, "We don't inspect students' bags." In the end, every passenger except me was searched. Some of the passengers were even younger than me, but the police didn't ask them whether they were students or not.

When I visited my hometown, a fellow practitioner in my family told me that a certain policeman from the security section of the police station was notorious for persecuting practitioners, and that the practitioners there had written a letter to him. He asked me whether I was willing to deliver the letter to the officer in question at the police station. I quickly agreed to do it. That evening, I rode a motorcycle to deliver some Dafa materials to practitioners in the countryside. At around 10 p.m., I parked the motorcycle in front of the police station. There was a guard at the gate inside the courtyard. I hesitated for a second, but I still went into the courtyard. I tried to put the letter down in a few places, but the letter either fell down or I thought the place was unsuitable. At that point, someone began shouting. I started to feel a little anxious and decided to leave first and then think about where I should put the letter. After getting away from the entrance of the police station, I had a second thought, "You are a Dafa practitioner and can't even do this small thing well? You should go back inside!" I went back to the police station courtyard. By then, a police vehicle had also come in. Four or five police officers got out of the vehicle and walked into the building. This time I didn't hesitate and followed them to the first floor. I inserted the letter into a door and calmly left the station. Normally I should have been quite noticeable because not only was it very late and I drove a motorcycle to the entrance of the police station twice, but I also went upstairs with the police officers themselves. However, the police seemed not to notice me at all. The letter I delivered made a strong impression at the police station according to what a fellow practitioner later told me.

One of my elderly relatives is a practitioner. She had been arrested and fined by the police. She once hid Dafa books in a cowshed due to her attachment of fear. One day I went to her home to borrow a Dafa book. She told me that the book was in her cowshed. I went and saw that the cowshed was very dirty. I was a little angry about the way she had treated the Dafa books. We discussed this issue based on the Fa. Later on I went to her home again. This time she told me that Teacher had protected her. I asked her what had happened. She told me that the police had come to see her unannounced. After asking her some questions, they went to her cowshed to search for Dafa books for a quite while, but she had already taken the Dafa books back into her house. One Dafa book was still out on a table because she had been reading it. However, the police left without even going into her house.

I hope that my fellow practitioners will continue to have righteous thoughts and actions and show their wisdom during Fa-rectification.

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