Stories of the Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions of Practitioners in Our Fa Study Group

Recently the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using the subject of Olympic security as an excuse to continually issue secret commands for increasing persecution. There have been reports regarding quite a few arrests of fellow practitioners in many areas, as well as many of these practitioners' homes that have been ransacked. Our way of negating old forces and avoiding loss is to study the Fa more, and conduct group study. Whenever confronting crisis, we are able to memorise such and such Fa Teachings to come up with wisdom. To share with you, the following are some examples of good efforts, as well as reflections on our mistakes.

Due to her possible attachment of fear, fellow practitioner A readily believed what the evil ones of the CCP said. Whenever they told her to go to the police station, she'd go, and whenever they wanted to come to her house, she'd let them in. So, she ended up letting herself get detained, and along with that, her Dafa books, computer, printer and dozens of videos were taken away. That was a serious loss.

The home of fellow practitioner B is our material site and the site for our Fa group study. One of our fellow practitioners who knew about the place got arrested. A fellow practitioner who had an attachment of fear, advised practitioner B to temporarily cancel group Fa study. Practitioner B seemed agreeable, but she had the thoughts in her mind: "Group Fa study was arranged by Teacher. If fellow practitioners don't come to study the Fa, materials will not be distributed, and thereby the three things will not be properly done! Well, this isn't right--this is arranged by old forces, this is what the evil wants. Negate it! I want to walk on the path that Teacher has arranged." So, we did group Fa study as scheduled, we shared ideas on the Fa, and we mutually came to the same understanding of the Fa--to carry strongly forth the great Falun Dafa, to expose and resist the evil, and to continue producing the materials.

On the evening we were doing group Fa study, the CCP personnel called practitioner B. Practitioner B knew who the caller was, said only a few words, and hung up the phone. They kept calling, but practitioner B didn't pick up the phone at all--no co-operation, period.

On the following morning, practitioner B didn't answer the phone as usual. So the personnel came to knock on her door. She did not open the door, all the while sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the interfering evil elements in her own dimension as well as those of the evil ones in other dimensions controlling the personnel of the CCP. She kept having righteous thoughts: "If you come again, I'll expose you, and resist you." They never returned.

Those evil ones of the CCP even utilised their usual lying tactics,visiting the home of fellow practitioner C saying that they were inviting her whole family for a tour. Even though practitioner C never had any attachment of fear, regardless of their true or false invitation, she thought that her going with them would be an opportunity for truth clarification. However, during her hesitation, she suddenly thought of what Teacher said, "No matter what the situation, do not co-operate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful", Essentials for Further Advancement II) Her awakening to the thinking that going along with them for an opportunity of truth clarification isn't right, she decided not to accept their offer. Those evil ones started trailing her saying that they'd take her anywhere she wanted to go. As they were grabbing her clothes here and there, practitioner C said, "Where I'm going isn't far from here, I won't bother you to take me." However, they still followed her, and kept monitoring her for twenty-four hours.

On the following morning, again they came to practitioner C's home. Letting them sit down, she began clarifying truth: "Originally I had the health problem of being unable to bear children. But after practising Falun Dafa, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy; Dafa not only makes people healthy, mentally and physically, but also elevates moral values, improving human nature, and making families kind and peaceful." The personnel of the CCP asked, "Is the persecution as bad as you say it is, so horrifying as shown in the pictures?" Fellow practitioner C replied, "Land Reform, Four-Cleansing Movements, Three Anti Campaign and Five Anti Campaign, Cultural Revolution, and the June 4th Massacre, all of these, as you all know, are true? Right!? The CCP would do anything to harm you including propagating "Phoniness, Wickedness, and Brutality." The Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was a phoney one--too many loopholes. We are truly good people because we cultivate "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance." One of the CCP personnel said, "You're truly tolerant, because we've been following you for so long, and you don't get angry at all--for the last twenty-four hours without showing any excitable temperament." (However, her husband did scold them badly.) Practitioner C said, "Comparing with those who cultivate well, I'm too far behind." One young person said, "You've done very well, I'm wondering why we've done this to you?! It's completely ignorant!" After listening to her truth clarification, the CCP personnel quietly withdrew.

There were people who went to interfere with fellow practitioner D. In order to save them, practitioner D talked about what had happened to her prior to practising Falun Dafa, "I lost lots of hair, exposing spots on my skull. I also had hearing problems with my ears had been oozing pus. After practising Falun Dafa, these problems were all gone." The CCP personnel believed what she said just by looking at her fully grown soft black hair. Practitioner D went on again, "To practice Falun Gong one must cultivate xinxing. Without cultivating xinxing , health problems will not be solved. Based on the requirements of 'Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance' I require myself to be a good person with high moral values. You kept me in the detention centre while my husband was gravely ill and my child was still very little. My husband wasn't able to take the pressure...", Fellow practitioner D couldn't hold her tears, sobbing, "...he passed away, leaving behind a little child. It's your persecution that killed my husband, it's your persecution causing my child to have no father, now you're here still interfering with me." After listening to what she said, those of the CCP were at the brink of tears. Then finally they said, "We came here just to see you, nothing else." So, out they went. What fellow practitioner D did, she was not only able to expose the evils, but she also did what she could to expand the influence of Falun Dafa.

The home of fellow practitioner E is one of the material sites. Whenever people from the CCP would come by, practitioner E would let his brother deal with them in the sitting area, whereas practitioner E himself would be in a room, where computers and printers are, to send forth strong righteous thoughts. Practitioner E would ask for Teacher's help to disintegrate all evil elements behind those people, including those black hands and rotten ghosts, kicking them all out of the area as soon as possible. It would not take even twenty minutes before the people would leave.

As we've been practising Dafa for so long up to this day, whenever our thoughts are in line with the standard of Dafa, every thought of ours is able to unfold the mighty power of Dafa. Everything is determined by Teacher and our righteous thoughts. We should walk well every step, not letting Teacher worry too much for us. We correct our errors and make up for our insufficiencies so as to allow the mighty glory of Dafa to manifest.

For those in our Fa study group, righteous actions always come with our righteous thoughts. Everyone feels the same when we meet for Fa study. Teacher has been able to protect us as long as we have had righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners, please write your stories of righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Let us be like Gods as one body, making evil persecution impossible.

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