A Practitioner's Personal Experience in Flushing, New York

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In mid-May 2008, Brisbane resident Huang Manli and her family went to New York from their home in Australia to attend the experience sharing conference. While in New York, she experienced the situation in Flushing first hand, witnessing physical assaults and harassment by throngs of people incited to violence by CCP thugs.

During her three weeks in Flushing, Manli saw CCP thugs attack and curse Falun Gong practitioners. She said, "They cursed and beat people. Some spat on us! Their behaviour was totally unacceptable."

She continued, "The CCP is so evil. Their thugs beat and curse people in America in broad daylight. You can imagine how cruelly and brutally they treat Falun Gong practitioners in China."

Living in peace and free Australia and experiencing the violence for the first time, Manli said, "I was a little anxious and afraid and thought they would beat us. Now I have pity for them."

Local police and many local residents were clear minded and supported Falun Gong practitioners. Manli pointed out, "Police know Falun Gong practitioners don't quarrel, but instead explain the facts about the persecution so people know what is really happening. Police protected us practitioners and asked CCP mobs to leave if they came close us. When there was trouble, police ran over to protect us. They know what is right."

She said many local residents agreed with and admired Falun Gong. She said, "They know we are right. Many came to help us and said, 'You are doing right thing. I admire you. You are great!'"

In addition, Manli saw a Chinese man who did not fear the CCP regime and spoke out for Falun Gong while facing many hostile eyes. She recalled, "One man from China in his forties came over when there was media interview. He said, 'I want to speak out. I always stand with Falun Gong practitioners because I know they are right and do right thing. If CCP thugs and Chinese consulate have anything to say, they can speak out in public. Why do they attack people? Such despicable action is bad for all Chinese immigrants. Many people thought we are like that. I speak here and am not afraid of you thugs. I speak fair words.'"

Manli said the reason the CCP regime is persecuting Falun Gong is because of its jealousy at the large number of practitioners, "How come the regime kills its own people? Falun Gong practitioners practice meditation and read books to be good people. Why does CCP attack practitioners? Jealousy. CCP does not have confidence and is afraid of losing power. But practitioners do not have any interest in political power. I think the CCP is despicable."

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