Dafa Transforms Would-be Murderer Into Compassionate Being

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At the largest used goods exchange in our province, you can find almost everything you need, from mining equipment to auto mobile parts to button batteries.

I needed a rechargeable battery originally manufactured in Japan. While I was talking to the exchange manager about the battery, a middle-aged man approached us asking in a low voice if we had guns for sale. He thought I was a co-owner. The manager replied, "No." The man didn't want to give up so he turned to me, "I heard you can buy anything here, including guns. Can you tell me where I can possibly find a gun?" He looked very gloomy and malnourished. It seemed he held great grudges. After some talk, he began to trust me and then told me the following:

"I used to be a farmer with some education. I was able to get into a local business and eventually became a marketing director. Once we had a truckload of goods worth 180,000 yuan to deliver. Because I didn't offer bribes to the commerce department soon enough, all the goods were confiscated. In other words, the law enforcement officers took all the goods. No refund, no receipt. I tried to sue them for two years, to no avail. My family was broken up because of this incident. I had no choice but to come to a different city. I collected used books, newspapers and pop cans to make a living. I have no house to live in, so I stay in a farmer's barn, and I never know where I'm going to find my next meal. I once read a story about a person killing an official for the injustice he received, and I was inspired. Since this society does me injustice, I'll kill some people to create a buzz. No official in this society is clean. If I have to kill someone, it will be a high-ranking official. I've collected a few names of those officials, and I plan to kill some of them, to vent my revenge and making a name for myself..."

While listening to his story and reading his appeal letter, I thought to myself, "I must save him." We arranged to meet a few more times afterwards, and each time I clarified the truth to him. Once I recited Lunyu to him and he was shocked! Soon he found a copy of Zhuan Falun while collecting used books. From then on, he began studying the Fa. Every time he finished reading the book all the way through, he made a mark on the wall.

I kept in touch with him, bringing him more truth clarification materials and new lectures by Teacher. I also offered him some financial help. Gradually he regained hope for his life and came to understand the meaning of being a human being. He later found a temporary job. Even though the job was tiring, the boss liked him a lot, and praised him as a hard-working employee.

This man once found a wallet with over 1,000 yuan in it near his workplace, and he asked what he should do. I told him he's already a practitioner and he should follow the principles of Dafa. When we met again he told me excitedly that after giving it some thought, he posted a lost and found sign at his workplace.

I tried hard to hold back my tears. Looking at the marks he made on the wall after reading the Fa, I cried in my heart, "Teacher, how compassionate you are!"

* * *

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