Taiwan: Children Send Greetings to Fellow Practitioners Imprisoned in China

At the local Minghui School, students were encouraged to write to their fellow practitioners in prison in China, offering them special heartfelt greetings for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese holiday celebrated around the world this weekend. The students asked fellow practitioners in China to enhance their righteous thoughts, while offering them greetings of the season.

My young daughter made a drawing, showing her pure heart to rescue fellow practitioners. She chose a pretty postcard and wrote words of greeting to accompany the drawing. She asked me to send them to practitioners unlawfully imprisoned in China. She wrote, "I am a young practitioner in Taiwan. I'll be in the fourth grade this year. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Don't give in to their demands to give up your practice of Falun Gong. Strive forward diligently with righteous thoughts."

A letter from a Taiwan young practitioner to fellow practitioners being unlawfully imprisoned in China
A young Taiwan practitioner wrote to police in China, asking them to release practitioner Hu Liyao

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