Germany: Edward McMIllan Scott Speaks about Falun Gong Issues in a Plenary Session of the EU in Strasbourg

On July 9th, in the parliament building in Strasbourg, the European Parliament held a plenary session, to discuss the situation of the Olympic Games in China and post-quake, many representatives of the European parliament and member of the European Parliament strongly condemned continuing human rights violations in Communist China. The European Parliament Chairman Mr. (Hans-Gert Pottering) also declared he would not participate in the Beijing Olympics.

In the meeting, Vice chairman of the European Parliament Mr. Edward McMillan Scott made a speech regarding the Eutelsat issue; the prosecution of Falun Gong practitioner Dong Cao, Jinping Niu and Lianyin Zhang, as well as the human right defender Lawyer Zhisheng Gao and Jia Hu and also expressed his concern for Falun Gong practitioners in China.

He said, “On June 16th, the New Tang Dynasty Television which has been allowed by the French government was stopped broadcasting. This also happened in the past. Herewith, I sincerely request that the French government permits the resumption of the broadcasting of New Tang Dynasty.”

"Today, I submitted a report to the United Nations Commissioner of anti-torture and religious freedom Commissioner, which is about several persons whom I contacted two years ago in Beijing. Mr. Cao Dong is being subjected to continuous torture in a prison in northern China. Mr. Jinping Niu was arrested again on April 20th 2008, is still being tortured; his wife, Ms Lianying Zhang, was repeatedly tortured and was imprisoned four times, on my website there is a document which lists out 50 torture methods she suffered. Mr. Zhisheng Gao, a Christian human rights lawyer, I know, who was serious abused earlier this year, is still under residential surveillance. Mr. Jia Hu, who was captured since he made a testimony to the branch of the European Parliament human right committee. "

In light of the above facts, Mr. Edwards finally said, "This is a wanton, cruel, paranoid mad regime, we should separate politics and sports, we should ask Mr. Sarkozy to stay away from Beijing."

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