United States: Falun Gong is What I Want

The 28th Melrose Victorian Fair was held on September 14th in Melrose, Massachusetts. Falun Gong practitioners participated with a well-attended booth. Many local residents asked about practice site information and said that they wanted to learn the practice.

Many visitors came to the Falun Gong booth A practitioner chatted with a visitor about Falun Gong and the persecution in China

Practitioners displayed materials about the practice and about the persecution in China. They also set up a table to teach people to fold paper lotus flowers.

Seeing the booth from across the street, one lady exclaimed: "Falun Gong is what I want!" She crossed the street and said that she would visit the Falun Dafa website to learn more about the practice.

A young mother came to the booth with her son. After learning about the persecution in China and how the lotus flower, which grows up from the mud to a beautiful blossom, symbolises the noble character of the practitioners, she turned around and quickly brought another three children and learn to fold lotus flowers and hear practitioners' stories. When told that the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour would come to Boston, she said that she would go to see the show.

Maria Martin, deputy activity director of Riverside Community Care, was fascinated by the flowers and came to the booth to learn how to make them. She said that folding paper lotus flowers was a great experience as she felt an inner peace and joy while doing it. She invited the practitioners to teach lotus flower folding at her centre.

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