Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold a Large Parade in Berlin to Raise Awareness of the Brutal Persecution of Falun Gong in China

Close to a thousand European Falun Gong practitioners held a parade in Berlin on November 5th, calling on the masses to stop the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China.

At 2pm the contingents of marchers rallied in front of Jannowitzbruecke. The chair of the European Falun Gong Association Mr.Wu said in his speech that Falun Gong has made over 100 million people healthy in mind and body and that the persecution of Falun Gong has been made to happen because of the evil nature of the Communist Party of China, it is a persecution against humanity.

Chairman of the European Falun Gong Association Mr. Wu making a speech

Falun Gong practitioner Wang Zhen was illegally detained in a labour camp in Shanghai from 2001 until 2003 and was subjected to persecution, hard labour, brainwashing, cruel torture and was tormented by convicts. The convicts parted his two legs, and attached them to a wall and beat him until his hip joints were broken from the blows and he could not stand up. Despite this, the labour camp still wanted him to kneel on the ground to scrub the floor. Wang Zhen said, when he was in the labour camp his blood was drawn twice and they did an electrocardiograph test on him, at that time the labour camp only did tests on Falun Gong practitioners. Even if the other criminals wanted to be tested they were not given this chance. At the time Wang Zhen even thought that this was to investigate to see what particular functioning the blood of Falun Gong practitioners had. After leaving the country he then realised that this was in fact the CCP wanting to sell their organs to make money.

Wang Zhen was interviewed by a reporter

Closely following the Heavenly orchestra, which consists of 120 people from each country in Europe, was the banner team. “Falun Gong Is Good”, “Zhen Shan Ren (Truth Compassion Tolerance)” and such banners quietly communicated the practitioner’s heartfelt wish. The waist drum troupe’s gold clothing flashed in the sunlight, the Tang-dynasty dancers and float were rich and colourful and a moving car revealing the CCP’s brutal torture methods frankly informed onlookers about the brutal persecution.

Berlin Town Hall is a large famous building. Even though the weather wasn’t too good, there were still a lot of tourists who had come here to take photographs.

A round faced girl was just waiting for the green light, her name was Ulrik and she is a University student, she said, “I heard about the persecution of human rights in China, it really is unimaginably outlandish.”

A young couple were holding hands and were just about to cross the road and when they heard the request of the reporter, they stopped in their steps in a very friendly way. The Heavenly marching band was just performing “Falun Dafa Hao (“Falun Dafa Is Good”) was passing by. When the young man was asked “What do you think of this music”, He said, “I think it is very pleasant to listen to, I am very pleased.” His long haired female friend turned her head around and added in a shy and embarrassed way, “Exciting, very powerful”. They were here as a tourist from Latvia, the young man was called Alexander and the young woman called Nelly.

Three young men were watching the parade grinning and smiling, frequently saying something to each other now and again. A young man amongst them called Amosida told the reporter, that he had come from Algeria, and that he goes to University in Paris, and he brought two of his friends to Berlin to have a look. He said, “I just heard a Chinese person explain to me the persecution of human rights in China. I fell that to see these people (who had experienced being persecuted for their beliefs) with my own eyes was very important, they are in front of my eyes, and I have seen what they are like, this is very important for me. I think we should let the whole world see.”

People on the street stop to look

A Chinese husband and wife were watching the crowds at The Brandenburg Gate. This married couple expressed to the reporters: “Falun Gong is amazing! I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, but these years I have seen they have done many things, I feel it really is today’s gathering is just great, such a large scale activity, I am so moved that I cannot help but cry. I think more Chinese people should come to see this sort of gathering, to see with their own eyes what has happened.” She also told the reporter, that she will tell her relatives and friends inside China about what she saw outside China. She did this before, but she thinks that that still isn’t enough, and afterwards she will do so more.

At more or less 3:00 in the afternoon, the parade was brought to a successful close at the Brandenburg Gate.

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