How I Clarify the Facts at Work

From the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China
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I began practising Falun Dafa after July 20, 1999 (when the persecution began). I am a high school teacher and I would like to share my understanding of how we should go about clarifying the facts to people in our work places.

Eliminating Fear and Clarifying the Facts in My Classes

In my school, the students do not respect the teachers and have no self-discipline. This is a consequence of the Communist culture. I am determined to let the students know the truth about Dafa and to see how a practitioner behaves. When new students come to the school, I teach them how to think for themselves and to not follow the crowd. I tell them that they can question their teachers and others in a position of authority, and that they should keep an open mind about new ideas. This is to provide them with a proper background for listening to facts.

In the classroom, I tell the students about traditional Chinese culture and morality. I tell them stories I find on the Internet about traditional virtues. While I do not directly mention Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I emphasize the concepts of honesty, kindness, and tolerance. To expose the evil of the Chinese communist party (CCP), I use current events such as the earthquake in Sichuan, the Olympics, and the poisoned milk, etc. I guide the students so they will not blindly follow the [state-owned] news reports. I also explain to them that the many political movements initiated by the CCP have led to the decline of morality and an overall deterioration in Chinese society. They agree with what I tell them and love to listen to my lectures. I think the compassion I show them has won their approval and trust.

After the students accept my way of teaching, I tell them that it is illegal for the CCP to persecute Falun Gong. They are shocked to learn that the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square publicized by the CCP was a hoax. In the past, I was fearful about discussing Falun Gong in class. Now I tell the students directly and they appear receptive. I think that Fa-rectification has progressed to the point that sentient beings are anxious to hear the truth.

Clarifying the Facts Is Part of Our Cultivation

Master has emphasized to us that studying the Fa is most important, because it is the foundation needed to do the three things well. It is also the support we need to detect whether we are staying in line with the Fa.

My approach to teaching is respected by the students and appreciated by my colleagues and supervisors. In the beginning, when I was praised, I understood that I was being tested in my practice. Later, there was a period when I was so busy that I neglected to study the Fa. Someone said to me, "Your scholarship is great and you have a strong work ethic. You deserve a better job and more pay." I did not see it as a test and really thought that I was being treated unfairly. I went to argue with my superiors about my pay without knowing that I had failed to follow the Fa.

When I was on the wrong track, enrolment in the school declined significantly. It appeared that the school might have to close. At that time, I began to look inward. I realized that my job was given by Master and the purpose was to assist Master in saving sentient beings. The objective was not to seek more money or to try to achieve a more luxurious life. This understanding helped me to get back my peace of mind.

Being a Dignified Dafa Practitioner

When I was giving a CD of the Divine Performing Arts show to a colleague, he told me that he hated Falun Gong and that he had been tearing down any Dafa flyers from the walls. I told him that it was dangerous for him to do that. He asked, "Are you a practitioner ?" "Yes," I said, because he and I had been good friends. Taken by surprise he said, " I did not know you were a practitioner. I need to re-access who you really are." I recognized that he had been brainwashed by the CCP, so I said firmly, "You are looking at the real me. I never pretended to be someone else. We have been together long enough for you to know me. Are you taking the news on the television to be facts over your own better judgement?" I continued to explain to him why the CCP persecuted Dafa, and why it was important to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He was really shocked and said, "I don't want to hear more of what you have to say. There are enough problems in life. I prefer to hear about positive stories."

I felt sorry for him. How could I help him? Master has told us the importance of people withdrawing from the Party. The next day, I told him a story, "A child was playing hide-and-seek beside a cliff. He was blind-folded and really excited about playing the game. An adult shouted to him, 'Come back! There is danger.' He replied, 'No. I want to play.' Your situation is like that of the child. I want to remove the blindfold from you and let you see the facts. Although this may cause discomfort to your eyes and affect the game you are in, you can then choose a safer place to play. The CCP will soon perish. You have to withdraw from it in order to save yourself. I tell you this because I care about your safety. After you withdraw, you can still do whatever you want. What you think about me is entirely up to you."

He was moved by what I said, and replied, "I shall treat you like I always do. Thank you for telling me so much. I am willing to withdraw." Later, I continued to pass on fact sheets to him and he was willing to take them. He told me, "In the hallway of the building in which I live someone wrote, 'The Chinese Communist Party is not China. Being faithful to the CCP is not equal to being faithful to China.' I think it makes sense." I was overjoyed to hear him say that. Now, he has read Zhuan Falun three times.

From this event I felt that as Dafa practitioners, we must act accordingly, and gain the respect of ordinary people. Through our words and conduct we must receive positive responses from people. If we are not confident about what we do, we cannot expect positive results. Of course, every situation is different and requires wisdom to deal with it.

The above is my personal opinion. I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out anything that is improper.

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