Korea: Divine Performing Arts Wins Acclamation

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Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company held its second show in Daegu, Korea on January 31th, 2009, with many VIPs and artists coming to watch. Former member of National Assembly Mr. Lee and his wife watched the show. Mr. Lee served three terms in the National Assembly of South Korea.

The DPA's pure and compassionate show moved the audience in Daegu, Korea
Korean audience watches DPA performance attentively

Former member of National Assembly: Chinese traditional culture is revived

Mr. Lee thinks China is a country based on spirituality, "The DPA show is harmonious. Kindhearted humanity is presented for people who are lost in materialism, science, and pursuit of wealth. The DPA has revived Chinese traditional culture via dancing and songs."

Mr. Lee, a Former member of National Assembly, and his wife watched the second show in Daegu and said it verified that Chinese traditional culture is alive

He said that the DPA show is a great project, not only to revive Chinese traditional culture for modern people, but also to establish a bridge between modern society and ancient legends and history. He said, "Chinese traditions are inclusive and harmonious. I think this will become the highest value for the twenty-first century."

He said with a smile that he felt very happy to watch such a great show with his wife.

Natural colouring artist: the costumes are pure and beautiful

Natural colouring artist Ms. Cai has been in this profession for nine years. She was touched after watching the DPA show, "The costumes of the DPA performers are astonishing. Using pure natural methods can produce such beautiful colours, so pure and graceful."

Natural colouring artist Ms. Cai said after watching the second DPA show in Daegu, "I am very touched. Many programmes moved my heart."

She was impressed most with the dance, "Mongolian Chopsticks." She said, "Our nation also has dancing with small drums. But each gesture of the chopstick dance has meaning. When I saw the chopstick dance to welcome guests, I thought it was very good and I was touched."

Ms. Cai tried to learn Chinese along time ago to understand more about China. She knew stories from Chinese history and legends. The DPA show presented the stories with dance and helped her to understand better. She said, "The lyrics and dancing are meaningful. Today the programmes moved me from the bottom of my heart."

She worried before the show that it would just be music and dancing and would be hard to understand. She found it was easy to understand: "It is very touching. There is nothing from Communist party in the show."

She could not understand why Falun Gong is popular around the whole world, but is persecuted in China. She said, "The programme on Falun Gong is too short. After watching it, I'd like to know more about Falun Gong."

She was regretful that she did not bring her family to watch, "It would be great if I brought my son to watch the show. It is a pity. I will tell my friends to watch it."

Electronics enterprise owner: My soul is purified

Mr. Gao, owner of an electronics business in Korea, praised the DPA show after watching it.

Mr. Gao from KDL and his wife watched the DPA show in Daegu on the afternoon of January 31th, 2009

He said his friend introduced the DPA to him last year, but he was too busy to watch it. This year he came and said he would introduce it to other people and ask them to watch it.

He said, "The DPA show gives me a refreshed feeling. Each gesture of the dancers is skillful and delicate, very touching. After watching the show, my soul is clear and seems to see a new spiritual world."

He thinks that Korea's IT technology is the best in the world and the DPA show combined IT technology and art, "This is unique. The backdrop is superb. I am very impressed."

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