How a Falun Gong Practitioner in the Countryside Validates the Fa

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Ren is a down-to-earth, honest and trustworthy Falun Gong practitioner who lives in the countryside. I became acquainted with him many years ago. Ren's house was then a Dafa materials production site. His photocopier had technical problems. Our area coordinator requested I go to Ren's house to help solve the problem. This was how he and I first met.

Ren carried photocopier paper on his back when he came to fetch me. We first took a bus then walked a long way along a small road before coming to his house. Usually when Ren went to the city to buy supplies or collect the printing template, he would walk all the way to the city and back. He did not take the bus. I discovered he walked very fast. I examined his photocopier once we got to his house and discovered that it was not malfunctioning. The machine merely needed maintenance and cleaning. He only knew the need for toner powder and ignored the rest. I heard him say that he had used the photocopier for more than a year. Each time there were black streaks he would send righteous thoughts. After that the output would be fine, but this time that did not work. He had no choice but to come to the city and ask for help from technically trained practitioners.

The opened cartridge and part of the drum was full of ink and paper residue. The drum-head was also black. I considered it a miracle when I heard him say he could still photocopy as usual. I cleaned the machine thoroughly. Ren stood beside me to learn the process of cleaning and servicing the machine. He was both happy and excited. At 6:00 p.m. we sent righteous thoughts together. Then Ren had tears in his eyes. He told me that for some reason, the first time he met me he felt he had seen me somewhere before. When he was sending righteous thoughts earlier, he could not stop himself from shedding tears. I was very moved. I believe it is a predestined relationship that we have formed through many lives.

That night he suddenly had an urgent matter to attend to that required him to make a trip outside. That same day the weekly newsletter and flyers need to be printed. He was in a fix. I said that I would stay to help him make the copies. The output from the refurbished machine was good and clean, as good as new. It was already late by the time I finished photocopying the newsletter for the week and bound the copies, about 11:00 p.m. His wife showed me my room for the night. I felt I should go to bed. But my mind told me that I should study the Fa before going to bed, because for the whole day I had been busy and lacked the opportunity to study the Fa. Nevertheless, my attachment to comfort arose.

Ren returned as I was about to go to sleep. When he saw me he said, "You cannot do this. You have to study the Fa before going to bed. He explained and said, "Regardless of how late it is and how busy I am in the daytime, I would make sure I study the Fa each evening before I sleep. It must be done this way." He sounded resolute, but his manner and facial expression was calm and pure. Listening to him, I felt ashamed of myself. I felt that his attitude toward Dafa is really bright and luminous! I felt very proud of him. Thus, we studied the Fa together and went to bed after midnight.

We should learn from other practitioners. We must study the Fa more frequently, with a calm mind. Only in this way can we take Master's well-arranged path

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