Taking Care of a Young Practitioner Is Also Part of My Cultivation

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Taking Care of a Young Practitioner Is Also Part of My Cultivation

My granddaughter, a young practitioner, lives with me. She will be 10 this year. Since she came into this world, I have read the Fa to her and have had her listen to Master's lectures on tape. When she was only one or two months old, she liked looking at Master's photo and the Falun picture. Every time I held her in my arms, she would poke at my face with her little hands. I didn't know why, "What is wrong with this child? Why does she always poke at my face?" When she learned to speak, she said, "Grandma, why do you have so many eyes on your face?" I said, "Where?" She then pointed to my face and said, "Here. All here." I remembered that Master mentioned that a child's Third Eye is open.

She knew to send forth righteous thoughts when she was four or five year old. Once I went to pick her up at kindergarten she saw a police car and told me to send forth righteous thoughts right away. She told her kindergarten teacher that her grandma practiced Falun Gong and her grandma's 30-year-long rheumatism was cured because of it. When she first learned to write, she wrote down: "Falun Dafa is good.

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Follow Master to return home." She also told me to get on the Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website. I felt funny about it then: such a small child knew about getting on the website.

As she grew to be five or six, she knew the urgency of saving people. She often listened to Master's lecture tapes. As long as she was home, the player was always turned on. Although she was playing, she heard all the words. Whenever she went out to play, she would bring truth-clarification materials and scotch tape and hang them up. Sometimes, she had her playmates put them up with her. Other times, she and I did it together. We went to the supermarket to shop and placed a copy of truth-clarification materials there. We sent out the thought of having predestined people find it. When we hung up truth-clarification posters, I held her up high, so she could stick them up at a higher spot.

Once she went out to practice riding a bicycle. She came back to me and said, "Grandma, would you find me a plastic bag with truth-clarification materials? I will give them out when I see people." So when she saw a passer-by, she ran up to him and said, "Hello, please take a look at Dafa truth materials. It will bring good fortune to you." That person looked at her and said, "Whose kid is this? At such a young age, she would do something like this." He didn't take the material. She was a little angry and told me the story. I told her, "Don't be moved by that. You handed him the materials to him to save him. Whether or not he takes them was his choice. Because he is too deep in illusion and has bad things behind him, he was prevented from knowing the truth. Let's send forth righteous thoughts for him, cleansing him. Maybe he will get another chance."

Young practitioners do not have bad human notions formed after their birth, so they assimilate into Dafa very fast. Their hearts are on the Fa as well. Once I tried to staple a stack of truth-clarification materials. Because it was a thick stack and the staples were small and soft, no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't staple it. Another practitioner was there as well. She tried several times without success, either. My granddaughter saw it and told me to give it to her to try. I said, "Even adults can't get it, how could a child like you?" In fact, those words were not on the Fa. She said, "I will do it. Although I am a child, Master gives us the same supernormal abilities [as adults]." She snatched the stapler, climbed onto the bed, and knelt down. "Pa" she stapled it. And the staple was placed in the exact right position. The other practitioner and I looked at each other. A human being's thought and a divine being's thought made the difference.

Later, I set up a family-based truth-clarification materials production site. My granddaughter was a great helper. She helped to package, fetch, and glue things together. She had very deft hands and completed her tasks fast and well. She was also able to get on the website to download materials and print booklets. She knew all the basics. At night, we would study the Fa together. Sometimes she worked on her homework very late, and her mother told her not to study [the Fa], but go to bed early. She was worried that her daughter couldn't get up in the morning. My granddaughter said, "No, even if I can only study one paragraph, I will finish it before going to bed." Because she kept on studying the Fa everyday, her words and actions were always on the Fa. But because she is a child, she wants to play a lot and not do the exercises. I am determined to help her to catch up in that area.

One time as I was reading experience sharing articles, my granddaughter said, "Grandma, you've read so many articles. Why haven't I seen one article you have written?" My face turned red. I have always felt that I was not diligent enough and had nothing to write about. The child had this wish a long time ago, so now I am writing things down to share with young practitioners.

* * *

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