Purifying Myself While Reciting The Fa

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Purifying Myself While Reciting The Fa

By Dafa practitioner Xue Lian (pseudonym), from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Although I learned Falun Gong in 1997, I did not truly cultivate until 2005. I did not pay attention to Fa study, and did not treasure Dafa, so I lagged behind. I am now making a great effort to be diligent in studying the Fa, and cultivating myself in order to catch up with Fa rectification.

I noticed recently that I have enlightened to less Fa principles from reading Zhuan Falun than I thought. After reading a practitioner's sharing, "My Understanding of Reciting Zhuan Falun for the 12th time," I decided to recite it again. I tried memorizing it twice before, but was not persistent. Now that I have completed one recitation, I'd like to share the benefits of memorizing Zhuan Falun.

Eliminating Distracting Thoughts Through Fa Memorization

The first few days while memorizing the Fa, I often had distracting thoughts about movies that I saw many years ago, scenes from television programs, and images of ordinary people's lives. I rejected these thoughts as soon as they emerged. I thought about why I was less tranquil than when I just read the Fa. After sharing with practitioners, I understood that when I concentrated on memorizing the Fa, the bad elements in my dimension could not linger, and had to be eliminated. After several days of rejecting them, those distracting thoughts disappeared.

Cleansing Attachments and Desires Through Fa Memorization

I thought that I had eliminated desires for leisure activities and eating certain types of food when I read the Fa, but they reappeared when I began to memorize the Fa. After I began to truly cultivate, I rarely had these types of desires. But one day, while memorizing the Fa, I had thoughts and desires for barbecue; and during the holidays, scenes of travel reappeared. These thoughts were not around when I read the Fa, but now that I'm memorizing the Fa, they can no longer hide. Now I just eliminate them as they resurface.

Cultivating Xinxing Through Fa Memorization

When memorizing the Fa, one cannot express any human thoughts, and the effect is more powerful when one fully concentrates on memorization. When I studied the Fa, I usually read two to three lectures a day. Previously when I memorized the Fa, I had the attachment of wanting to accomplish something fast. I thought that my progress was slow, and even though I tried twice, I did not persevere. This time, I memorized the lectures calmly when I had time, and I did not rush or become anxious. I memorize however much I can, because the more one rushes, the less one can accomplish. Sometimes I want to see how many pages I've memorized, thus I have to restrain myself from that attachment. In this manner, my attachment to wanting to accomplish something quickly has been eliminated to a lesser degree. I used to have the attachment of rushing and did not have perseverance. Gradually, I've learned to be more tolerant and persistent.

Letting Go Of The Self Through Fa Memorization

This time around, the biggest attachment I have eliminated is the attachment to the self. I have had to memorize the phrase "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by the master." (Zhuan Falun ) many times. This time, I've understood that for those who are fortunate to cultivate in Dafa, everything, from the moment one steps into the practice until consummation, is arranged, taken care of, and protected by Teacher. A cultivator should quickly let go of the attachment to the self, because that is the largest obstacle in cultivation. We should walk on the path that Teacher has arranged for us. For example, when we study the Fa, we should do so with a calm heart, and Teacher will point it out to us when it's time to understand the Fa at a certain level. When we send forth righteous thoughts, Teacher gives us the supernormal abilities and allows us to use them accordingly. When we save sentient beings, Teacher will bring those who have predestined relationships and let them obtain truthful information. Every test that helps us to elevate our xinxing (heart and mind nature) is arranged by Teacher. Every thought to solve urgent problems, ideas, and wisdom is given by Teacher. All the elements that we cannot see in other dimensions, the origin of life, things that Teacher has done for us, etc, are given by Teacher. We have no reason to show off, be zealous, or validate ourselves.

Once I have understood the principles of the Fa, then, when the attachments of showing off, feeling that I'm above others, zealotry, and competitiveness appear, I can sense them quickly and look inward.

Fa Memorization Has Enabled Me To Do The Other "Two Things" Better

After I've memorized the Fa, when I send righteous thoughts, I notice that I am more tranquil and my energy is more powerful. Especially when I send righteous thoughts at 12:00 a.m., my energy is even better. When I engage in truth clarification activities, my heart is more pure, and I feel more energetic than before. Now I have a better sense of mission and glory when I do these two things.

It Is Easier To Identify Human Thoughts And Eliminate Them By Reciting The Fa

Memorizing the Fa has enabled me to immerse myself in the Fa. When bad thoughts emerge, I can catch them quickly and eliminate them, not allowing them to stay in my dimension. Even when I'm unable to identify the attachment, I feel uncomfortable, because unrighteous thoughts are selfish and cannot be mixed with the Fa. That is why I feel uneasy, and when I dig further, I can tell which human attachments those unrighteous thoughts come from. In this manner, my xinxing level is raised quickly, and I can sense the wonders of assimilating myself to the Fa.

I have realized that memorizing the Fa can quickly and effectively eliminate attachments, desires, human notions, and bad elements of the old universe that do not conform with the Fa. While memorizing the Fa, I've sensed that the Fa has rapidly raised my levels, and Teacher's enormous compassion has brought tears to my eyes.

Although I've only recited Zhuan Falun once, I have benefited greatly. This is what I have noticed in this dimension, and I cannot imagine the changes of my body in other dimensions. Only by truly and diligently cultivating myself will I not let Teacher down. And as long as I persevere in reciting the Fa, my little universe will become more purified. All the old universe's elements that do not conform to the Fa will be cleansed by the almighty Buddha Fa, and conform to the new universe's standards. I will cultivate myself and become a selfless, enlightened being and go back with Teacher to our new universe, our wonderful homeland.

I have expressed my current level of understanding, please kindly correct anything that is inappropriate.

* * *

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