Former Street Thug Who Became Upright after Practising Falun Gong Now Arrested for His Belief

I was concerned when I heard that the Communist regime had arrested Mr. Liu Yunchao in Huangshi City. I got to know Liu Yunchao ten years ago when he first began practising Falun Gong, which changed him from a street thug to a person of virtue. The regime sent this practitioner, who follows Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, to prison.

One day in 1998 Liu Yunchao told me of his cultivation experience: "I fought with others ever since my childhood. My parents were dismayed by the frequent comments in my report cards about my bad behaviour. They were concerned about me, afraid that I would become a useless, bad kid. After I grew up I worked for a building/construction team. I worked carelessly. The street committee and my workplace could not do anything about me. I also felt bad about myself, bitter, and thought my life was meaningless. I thought I would simply live the life of a bad boy. My life became difficult after I got married, but I was still intent on fighting and bullying. I made a living as a tricycle chauffeur, but often fought for business with others; everyone was afraid of me. But then I was fortunate; I stumbled onto Falun Gong, and since then my life changed. That particular morning when I went for a walk in a park I heard Falun Gong meditation music and went up there to look. I read the Falun Gong introduction booklet that speaks of cultivating one's character; of mind and body cultivation, and assimilating to the principles of the universe. I felt it was really good and decided to start the practice right away, with the group exercises."

He continued, "I changed myself, no longer wandering around with nothing to do, and began to work hard to make a living. I followed the rules to be a good person, and held myself to the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. A bully like me learned to be polite and sharing; I learned to wait in line for my turn when doing business. Once a fare did not pay me. I had taken an overweight father and his overweight son on my tricycle, with great effort. Once at their destination they tried to leave without paying. I reminded them to pay for the trip. They just said something insulting to me. My temper arose immediately, and I was ready to punch them, but one thought reminded me: I am a practitioner now and could not fight back or talk back. I have to be tolerant. I let them walk away. Though I did not make any money on that trip I kept calm, and therefore it was worth it."

Then he told me of another incident: "Three people were hiring my tricycle. We agreed on a price after some negotiating. Arriving at the street entrance I found the road was muddy and full of puddles. The three passengers saw that it was very hard for my tricycle to go into the street and said they would get off at the entrance. I reminded myself that as a practitioner and I should think of others first. I jumped off my seat, walked into the mud and puddles, and dragged hard on the tricycle to get them to their home. They were touched and wanted to pay me more. I refused to take any extra money. The added incentive--extra personal gain from the money offered--did not move me. I felt good! Only when I truly cultivate could I feel the joy of selflessness and emptiness. I was happy every day. I have changed. My wife also praised me and commented that I had changed from the inside out. Now it was my turn to take care of my wife. I often ask her how she is doing."

Six-foot-tall Liu Yunchao had tears in his eyes as he shared his story. It was clear that he felt very fortunate to have learned Falun Gong.

A former street thug became a good person for the community and his family. When the persecution started, he risked his life to expose the persecution about Falun Gong to society and now he is detained and faces sentencing.

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