London: Distinguished Guests Applaud Divine Performing Arts

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The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) 2009 World Tour performed in front of seven full houses at the famous New London Theatre in London. Among those enjoying the show were many high-ranking diplomats and dignitaries.

Lord Pendry: "Spectacular Show ... Very Moving"

One of the distinguished guests was Lord Pendry--better known as Tom Pendry MP--a former boxing champion. When a reporter asked him what he thought of the show, he replied, "First of all it was very spectacular. ... It was a very professional, spectacular show, and it was very moving.

"There is a philosophical message here, isn't there? And also is it a question of human rights? I hope I got that from the show, because I certainly believe in that.

"I would be dishonest if I were not to say there are one or two things that we would like to see changed in China on the human rights issue. It all came through very clearly even if I did not understand the language. I could see it from the show itself.

"There is a great deal of hope as a result of what I saw today. The Chinese population, I'm sure, is encouraged. ... and have hope for the future of not just for China, but for the rest of the world. The last part of the show did demonstrate that there is a good deal of hope, and I think that we have all to hope that these things will change."

Ambassador: "The Show Was Fantastic"

Her Excellency Ms. Borbala Czako, the ambassador of the Republic of Hungary, was enraptured by the unique combination of Eastern and Western cultures displayed in the show. "The show was fantastic. I very much like the Chinese culture. I enjoyed the opera singers, the music, and also the art."

Ms. Czako added, "Especially the last one, the male opera singer," she said, speaking of Hong Ming, the popular tenor who has won The Gold Award at the International Chinese Vocal Competition for the last two years.

High Commissioner: "It's Quite an Eye-opener"

Dr. Carl B. W. Roberts, High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda, attended the show with his wife.

He particularly liked "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution" and said, "You could see the storyline building up ... from the struggle, the death, the family mourning ... then the man being taken up to heaven." The dance tells of a man being persecuted for practicing Falun Gong.

"It's quite an eye-opener when you see a lot of traditional Chinese dances. It shows that they have a wealth of culture and a wealth of nice talent built into that culture. We are enjoying it," Dr. Roberts said.

Patent Attorney: "Fantastic Color and Movement"

Mr. Maury, a patent attorney and partner in an international law firm, said that he liked "the costumes and the standard of dancing. They're all smiling and obviously enjoying it. There's a very good feeling from it."

The ancient Chinese stories also appealed to him, although he had not heard them before. "I hadn't come across those stories, but the way the MC's explained them was helpful."

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