The Brutal Violence I Witnessed in Beijing's Chaoyang Detention Centre

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By a Dafa practitioner in Guangzhou City

Last New Year's Day, several Falun Dafa practitioners and I were arrested and taken to the Beijing Chaoyang Detention Centre after we went to Beijing to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. At the detention centre, several policemen forced us to squat down for a long period of time while a large policeman periodically kicked us in our backs. There were many elderly practitioners among us, and not even they were spared from this cruel treatment. When one of the female practitioners asked to change her 5-month-old baby's diaper, a policeman slapped her in the face. After the squatting, we were forced to stand upright with our chins touching the wall. Whenever the police felt annoyed or agitated, they would grab us by the hair and slam our heads against the wall. After a while, we were made to squat down again in the front of the prison cell while several policewomen dressed in black clothes cursed at us at the top of their lungs and stepped on our heads with their leather shoes.

When we went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, we were force-fed with salt water and beaten up severely. One time I even witnessed this occur to an elderly female practitioner from the Northeast who was over 60 years old. Because she went on a hunger strike, she was stripped of her coat. The temperature was minus sixteen degrees Celsius and the air was freezing cold. She was then beaten severely and gagged with a wet cloth that became frozen very quickly.

I was threatened and beaten up by a policewoman because I refused to tell her my name. She pushed me into a dim interrogation room filled with a strong smell of disinfectant. There was a cement bed in the room that was used to bind Dafa practitioners for force-feeding. The policewoman pointed at me with a pen in her hand and said viciously: "Tell me your name now! Otherwise I will stab you! [with my pen]" She shouted at me for several minutes, but failed to get my name in the end. Finally she said to me angrily: "When your liaison office in Beijing comes to pick you up, if you refuse to go with them, just wait and see how I will torture you later!"

After I was sent to the liaison office, a female practitioner told me that a fellow practitioner in her prison cell was hung up with a rope because she went on a hunger strike. A male practitioner said that the police tortured him by repeatedly putting ice and snow down his underpants. As soon as it was melted, they would put more ice and snow in. (This was also a torture method used in the Chaoyang Detention Centre). I also saw a female practitioner just over the age of 20 being severely shocked with electric batons. The face of another female practitioner was beaten so brutally that it was distorted and disfigured.

This is the brutal violence that I witnessed and experienced in the Chaoyang Detention Centre.

May 16th, 2002


* * *

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