Taiwan: Well-Known Artist: "The paintings are the best I have seen in seventy years."

The Truth-Compassion-Forbearance International Art Exhibition has been held in more than forty countries across five continents. On April 3rd, 2009, the exhibition was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The paintings present bright, pure and kind art via traditional painting methods. Invited guests praised the exhibition as they actively participated in the opening ceremony and the following parade.

Mayor Chen Chu of Kaohsiung, Mr. Hsu Fu-ming from Nationalist Party in Kaohsiung Branch, Director of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Association, and Principal Lin Wen-cheng of Fucheng High School sent flowers to congratulate the exhibition
Council member Chen Li-na said she heard of the art exhibition at the Shen Yun show and she has been eager to view the paintings since then
Well-known painter Mr. Chen Chia-shang said, "The paintings are the best I have seen in seventy years."
Visitors listen to guide's introduction about each painting carefully

The solemn opening ceremony began with a Tang drum performance. Invited guests from education, art, and political circles attended the ceremony. The attendees included Kaohsiung City Council members Chen Li-na and Tseng Li-yan, Mr. Chen Chia-shang, a well-known artist, as well as Chairman of the Asian Ink Painting Association and Director of the Taiwan Ink Painting Association.

Centre Director: The painting skills are superb

Director Hsie San-hui praised the exhibition after viewing the paintings in the morning. He said, "The painting skills are superb. The Educational Centre has held hundreds of exhibitions. But the paintings in this international level exhibition are unique. It is fortunate that the centre could hold this exhibition."

The hosting organisation took three representative paintings to introduce in the opening ceremony: Vow, Pure Call, and Heaven and Human Integrate. Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wu Yong-de, who used to teach at Kaohsiung Normal University, explained the skills, connotation, and mood of the paintings. Then he led everyone to the second floor and gave a guided tour of all the paintings. The invited guests listened attentively.

Well-known artist: The best paintings seen in seventy years

Mr. Chen Chia-shang, a well-known artist, Chairman of Asian Ink Painting Association, and Director of Taiwan Ink Painting Association, viewed the exhibition and said, "The paintings in the Truth-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition are the best I have seen in seventy years. Presenting facial expression is the most difficult thing in painting, but the works here accomplished that. The spirit and mood of the paintings are profound and kind. Painting things you experienced or watched with a clear theme and mood requires more professional skills. Only with truly high skills can artists express the inner meaning of the paintings. I admire their skills. I hope more artists come to view the paintings to get inspiration."

Principal: I hope art teachers and students view the paintings and get inspiration

Principal Yang Wen-yao of Hsiaogang High School said after viewing the paintings, "I was touched. The artists have high skills. I will ask art teachers and students to view the paintings and get inspiration."

Secretary Su Shu-hui of Fengshan City Hall, Kaohsiung County said after listening to the explanation of the three paintings that she eagerly hoped the exhibition would be held in the Fengshan City Hall. Fengshan has a big population of several hundred thousand people, and needs such an international level art exhibition. Mr. Huang Hsing-chu, Director of Kaohsiung Ethics Education Association and Director of Kaohsiung Education Reform Association, said, "This exhibition has deep connotations and is worth promoting."

After the exhibition in the center, the Truth-Compassion-Forbearance International Art Exhibition will be displayed at the Kaohsiung City Library from May 2nd to 7th.

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