Australia: Falun Dafa Wins Two Champion Awards at Parade in Sydney

An award ceremony was held by Blacktown City honoring the winners of the 2009 Blacktown City Festival Street Parade on June 17th, 2009. Falun Dafa and its Celestial Band received two awards.

Mayor of Blacktown (left) issues award to Falun Dafa

Award plaque won by Falun Dafa

Award plaque won by Celestial Band of Falun Gong practitioners

The annual street parade is the largest community festival in west Sydney. Falun Dafa was invited to participate for the ninth time in the parade on May 30th this year. It was the only Asian group in the parade and the procession received warm feedback.

The powerful Celestial Band, elegant fairy dance and valiant waist-drum troupe won cheers and applause during the parade. With inspiring spirit the Falun Dafa procession unfolded beautiful traditional Chinese culture.

Falun Dafa received two awards, the Champion Community Entry and Champion Band. The local government announced that Falun Dafa will lead next year's parade.

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