Plain Clothes Police in Italy: "You Must Expose Them, We Support You"

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By A French practitioner

When the head of the notorious "610 Office," Li Lanqing, visited Florence, we were blocked by the security guards from China. Because of their behaviour, we got the chance to talk with the Italian plain-clothes police directly. They asked us what Falun Gong was, and why the Chinese government wanted to crack down on it.

We told them that it was not the Chinese government, but the Jiang regime. Disregarding the benefits of the nation and the citizens, they can do whatever shameful deeds for their own interests and desires. To crack down on Falun Gong, they particularly created “610 Office.” The Chinese Vice Premier, who was now visiting Italy, was the head of “610.” They used the most nasty, vile, cruel means to force people to give up the cultivation of Falun Gong, including killing an eight-month baby. They tortured the baby to death in front of its mother, who was also killed afterward, only because the mother wanted to believe in “Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance,” and because she wanted to be a good person.

Hearing this, the policeman became extremely angry: “Are they still human beings? You have to expose the truth in the newspapers. They can’t persecute people like this! The world should all know that human rights in China arenon-existent!” At this moment, there two other policemen came. The first plain clothes police told them the truth he had just heard. They also expressed their surprise and anger. They said: "We Italians support you. We cannot let such brutalities exist in the 21th century."

We also told them that when their colleagues, receiving the order from a higher authority, kept us away from the conference hall, the Chinese security guards were taking pictures beside us. They will use it as evidence to Chinese citizens that Italians also “disapprove” and “reject” Falun Gong; they can thus further deceive and make fool of the Chinese, and make them victims of the Jiang regime. Hearing this, all three of the police said, “It’s really hateful! You must expose them. We support you.”

Meanwhile, the conference ended. The motorcade of Chinese delegation was leaving. When they were driving towards us, we immediately took out the yellow vests, printed “Falun Dafa,”and raised them high... 50 steps away from us, other Dafa practitioners were meditating… further, there was a big banner in the front, waiting for the motorcade…

Through the conversation with the police in Italy, we realize the importance of telling people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. We realize that every activity we hold is a chance to clarify the truth to people.

* * *

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