Some Understandings on Fa Study by a High School Student

I am a 15-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner in China, a tenth-grader. I started to practice Dafa in the early spring of 1999. During these ten years, many miracles have happened to me, and I deeply thank Teacher for his compassion. To validate Dafa, I am writing down and sharing my experience of persisting with Fa study.

There are five people in my family. My maternal grandparents, my mother and I are all Dafa practitioners, my father is not. My father often helps with matters relating to clarifying the truth (explaining the persecution of Falun Gong) but he has been working far away from home for years.

Teacher said in "To the Australia Fa Conference":

"That is because the Fa is the foundation; it is what's fundamental for Dafa disciples; it is what ensures everything; and it is the avenue by which a human being journeys toward godhood. Thus I would like to take the opportunity of this Fa conference in Australia to tell all Dafa disciples around the world: Whether you are a new or veteran student, all the same you must not neglect Fa-study on account of being busy." ("To the Australia Fa

Teacher emphasized that to be a Dafa practitioner, one has to study the Fa. I was always able to persist with my Fa study because my parents encouraged me to do so. During the fifth, sixth and ninth grades, we have to take exams to graduate to the next level of school and the students are under a lot of pressure. I arrived at school before the sun rose and did not leave until very late at night. Even during these stressful times, I studied one lecture of Zhuan Falun a day during lunchtime, recited Hong Yin and Teacher's new articles, and did the three things (study the Fa [the teachings of Falun Dafa], send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and about the persecution to the world's people) Teacher told us to do. I sent righteous thoughts and told my classmates the facts about Falun Gong and urged them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. I distributed truth clarifying materials many times. In the end I had excellent grades and was admitted into a prestigious school with tuition waived for three years.

What I want to say is that studying the Fa is entirely good; there is nothing bad about it. As I was reading articles on the Minghui website, I occasionally read about young practitioners who studied the Fa very well when they were little, but after they entered middle school they gave up Fa study because of having too much schoolwork, and then they ended up regretting it. I want to prove with my own experience that studying the Fa not only does not use too much time, but it can also enlighten one's mind and increase the efficiency of doing regular schoolwork. One's mind will reach higher levels and shake loose the bad things from ordinary people, and his/her level will be elevated. One should watch less TV, not watching at all is even better, so that one can avoid the bad influences from TV. I hardly watch TV at all now.

I also want to say that one shouldn't study the Fa just because one wants to be a good and smart student at school. It is not like that. Studying the Fa is a proactive thing to do and it is very important. I think in this process adult practitioners also have responsibilities to guide young practitioners to keep up with Fa study. Becoming a good and bright student is only a side effect of persisted Fa study, and it is not the goal that we are seeking. Our goal is enlightenment and going home with Teacher. When I was in the ninth grade, I did very little regular schoolwork at home; I just studied the Fa and my grades got better and better. Even now while I am in boarding school, there is even more schoolwork and less free time, but I still listen to one lecture of Zhuan Falun during lunchtime and recite some short articles by Teacher. I do the five exercises when I go home for weekends. My grades are at the top of my class.

Teacher said, "Read the book more--the Fa is in the book, and everything I can use to help you is in the Fa--so that your karma can be eliminated." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore")

I hope that adult practitioners and young practitioners can work together, keep up with Fa study, let oneself become part of the Fa, be persistent, and complete one's vows that were made long ago.

Above is my understanding related to persisting with the study of the Fa. Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate.

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