United States: The New York Divine Land Marching Band Holds Third Experience Sharing Conference

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The New York Divine Land Marching Band held its third experience sharing conference on its fourth anniversary on December 5th, 2009. More than 130 members attended the conference and fourteen shared their experiences on the path of practice.

A French horn player had left the band for another project for a year. He came to the realisation that one can practise doing any project. He believed that every project is important. "It was a notion to think one project was better than another. Everyone should do well in what one is doing and try to better oneself from it."

A trumpeter recalled how hard it was when he stared to learn how to play. "The first week I hid in my closet when I practised, so others would not hear me. When I got one note right, I was exhilarated."

A trombonist's family complained about the noise he made when he was learning how to play. "I tried to look inward. I rearranged my schedule and practiced when my family members were not resting. If I really couldn't find time, I would hide in the garage with the windows and doors closed. The heat in summer did not stop me."

Another trombonist talked about how she feels when spending time with so many practitioners practising. "Everyone wants to tell the beauty of Falun Dafa. It's a great environment for us to learn from each other, to have more righteous thoughts, and to upgrade our xinxing. I need to cherish every opportunity with them."

A snare drummer said that once she woke up at three in the morning and drove 500 miles that day just to participate in a parade. She treated every performance seriously. "I blame myself every time I make a mistake. Only when I cultivate myself well and drum well, can I give out pure and positive energy to save people." She talked about one time she had a strong attachment of jealousy that she could not let go. Suddenly it was time to practise "Falun Dafa is Good." When the song was over, she discovered her jealousy had gone away. "In such a righteous field, there is no place for ugly notions. Teacher helped me."

After the conference, members of the Divine Land Marching Band held a small concert. It started with an ensemble playing "Falun Dafa is Good," followed by solos of various musical instruments. In the end, the members played "Thank You, Teacher" to express their highest respect for their compassionate Teacher.

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