Clarifying the Truth and Seeking Justice for My Mother

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After practising Falun Gong for several years, not only had my mother benefited from it, but the whole family had also benefited as well. However, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which has been happening for the last three years, is now affecting our family as well. As a member of the family, I would like to say a few words about the injustices experienced by Falun Gong practitioners.

After a year of observing the situation, my mother finally made up her mind. She decided to visit Beijing and lodge an appeal, exercise her right as a citizen, and use her personal experience as an example to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa.

Two weeks after her arrest in Beijing, I found out the whereabouts of my mother. When I visited her at the detention centre, I noticed that many officers were new. From talking with them, I found out that because of the recent economic recession many government departments were laying off people, and unless they accepted the posts as warders at the detention centres, they would be made redundant. When I pointed out to them that they were doing the wrong thing, they were surprised. So I gave them an example. "What is the difference between a thief or a robber and a person who makes a living by taking up a post which does bad things? Besides many officers at the centre took the law into their own hands and tortured the innocent Dafa practitioners. Chinese have always believed in reward and retribution for good and bad deeds. Does it mean that if one lived under the umbrella of a great tyrant, he would not be punished?" After a lengthy talk with them, those officers began to understand the principle. They indicated that they were blinded by the government's propaganda and had become an accomplice to a crime without knowing the implications.

Later, I talked to the officers at the police station many times. At first, the police were extremely unfriendly but later their manners softened. They told me that they themselves were also instruments of the state, and they had to survive. I told them that what they had done to the Falun Gong practitioners was against the law. Once the country comes back on track again, their crimes would be exposed and they would be punished. I further explained to them the principle of reward and retribution of good and evil and why the Falun Gong practitioners distributed truth clarifying material.

I visited the security branch office and talked to many others responsible for the persecution. All of them told me that this was not the time to talk reason. I said that my mother's visit to Beijing was simply to let people know her feeling about the persecution. How does an elderly lady, with no weapon in her hands overturn the government? I further told them that the principles of reward and retribution, but they did not want to accept my explanation. Then I asked them, "Shouldn't a person who has committed a crime be punished?" and they did not deny the fact. I then pointed out the fallacy of leaders in power in the past and the mistakes they made. They had nothing to say, but said let the Falun Gong issue be settled by history. Those people had lost their feelings and were blindly selfish; not only were they trying to fool the public, but they were fooling themselves also.

For the last two years, I have discovered many interesting phenomena: Many government officials know very well that they are doing the wrong thing, yet they still continue to do so, mainly because they do not believe that good and evil actions receive their due. Similarly, many people have made destructive comments even though they know nothing about Falun Gong. But, when you ask them to find out more about it, they are scared to death. The most unbelievable thing is that even some family members of many Falun Gong practitioners, members who have benefited themselves from practising Falun Gong, have turned against Falun Gong because of the pressure exerted on them. Looking from another perspective, the whole thing reflects the moral level of the whole society. Some people, for the fear of losing their personal benefits, will betray their wives, children, or parents - they are afraid to go against the evil persecution. The feeling does give one a chill through the spine.

Because of their disbelief in the heavenly principle and the existence of Buddhas and Gods, many people have become egoistic and ignorant, and ventured into all types of evil.

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