Ms. Han Shujuan Arrested at Home, Sick Father in His 70s Left Unattended

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Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Han Shujuan from Jianshanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province was with her sick father at home at 5:00 p.m. on January 10th, 2010, when more than a dozen police officers suddenly broke in and attempted to arrest her. Ms. Han resisted the arrest. An officer beat her, and Ms. Han shouted loudly, "Police beat good people." The police eventually took her away, and her paralysed father was left home with no one to look after him. Ms. Han's husband was not home. Ms. Han is now being held at the Beihao Detention Centre (also a brainwashing facility).

Ms. Han and her husband Mr. Shi Mengchang have been subjected to numerous unlawful arrests and detention terms since July 20th, 1999. They were both taken into custody at the Jiamusi Forced Labour Camp in 2000. Ms. Han was held there for over a year, while Mr. Shi was held for two years. Mr. Shi was arrested again 20 days after he returned home. He was incarcerated at the Suihua Forced Labour Camp for three years. After his term had expired, the camp authorities extended it. He returned home in January 2005. Ms. Han was arrested in April 2002 and held at a brainwashing facility for two months. She was arrested again at home at the end of July 2008, but released that same evening.

Li Chunyao, 610 Office Head: 86-454-5725790 (Home)
Yu Wenbo, Domestic Security Division: 86-454-5808019 (Office), 86-454-5710509 (Home), 86-13845433088 (Mobile)
Zhang Defu, Qixing Police Department Head: 86-454-5794878 (Office), 86-454-5730567 (Home), 86-13329550077 (Mobile)
Guo Yuzhong, Qixing Police Department Political Head: 86-454-5715761 (Office), 86-454-5788007 (Home), 86-13803675568 (Mobile)
Han Kuikui, brainwashing facility head: 86-4545794924 (Office), 86-454-5715550 (Home), 86-13101656567 (Mobile)

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