United States: Managing Director of International Company says "We enjoyed the performance tremendously"

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Mr. Goff is the Managing Director of an international company with offices in Washington DC, Paris, and Shanghai. He attended the show with his Taiwanese wife. He said he was glad to have attended the show, and wished Shen Yun good luck. He said he would gladly recommend the show.

"We enjoyed the performance tremendously, we were very impressed with the choreography, and all the acrobatic-like routines, and learned a lot about Chinese classical ballet, and were very pleased to see the costumes. We thought the costumes were lovely and gorgeous, and all the dancers were very good, excellent. So we hope you come to Washington D.C. again, and we hope your tours are well attended, and we'll be spreading the word."

Information Technology Entrepreneur: "The show was spectacular"

Gregory Shepard owns his own IT business. He attended the Shen Yun show in Washington D.C., and was happy to share the good feelings the show left him with. "I think the show was spectacular, very stimulating. But you know, for me it was... I've been to China before, but people are curious about China, and perhaps even Chinese are curious about China, because so much is hidden. So it's interesting to get a chance to see the dance-art form, and it's sort of a glimpse of culture.

Mr. Shepard was asked if he enjoyed the music, and he happily replied, "The music was great. I think the show was just well put together, and the artists looked like they enjoyed what they were doing, and it was well choreographed. It was a great show."

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