The Righteousness of Falun Dafa Practitioners' Family Members

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Among my relatives, there is a couple who, before encountering Falun Dafa, were on the brink of divorce. At that time, however, the wife was fortunate enough to have obtained the Fa [the teachings of Falun Dafa]. After witnessing his wife's change in mind and body, the husband's temperament also mellowed, and his attitude of opposing her Falun Dafa cultivation reversed to one of supporting it. Consequently, their relationship has greatly improved.

Following July 20, 1999, because the husband was extremely offended by the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Dafa, he continually assisted his wife in her efforts to clarify the truth to their relatives, friends and customers. He gained a great respect for the righteous thought and noble conduct of Falun Dafa practitioners after learning that some had been arrested for appealing to the authorities and for clarifying the truth to people. He was always telling others, "Teacher Li has taught people so well!"

When the police wanted to send his wife to a brainwashing class, he refused to cooperate with them, and desperately resisted when they tried to take his wife away by force. The police knocked him down to the floor and broke his ribs. He was hospitalised for more than a month and remained bedridden for several months afterward. His business was terminated and his children could no longer see their mother. When his wife was illegally sentenced to serve terms in detention centres and forced labour camps, he busied himself with seeking help to rescue his wife. Later on, after discovering that his wife remained illegally sentenced in a forced labour camp, he went to the police department and community office to denounce those individuals who had persecuted her.

Through these experiences, his disposition became considerably calmer. While his wife was illegally detained in a forced labour camp, he often telephoned the police at the labour camp. When they asked him his opinion of Falun Gong, he never answered the question. Instead, he implied that the persecution of Falun Gong was unwarranted. He warned the police that if his wife ever received any illegal or inhumane treatment, he would hire a lawyer to enforce the right of a citizen to personal safety. Knowing this, the police would try not to answer his phone calls; and even though they cursed him, he never shied away.

He would often tell anyone who would listen that Jiang's government was too corrupt, and how they had unjustly ruined his family, as well as the lives of other Falun Dafa practitioners. Whenever he saw Falun Dafa banners lying on the ground, he would pick them up and hang them, saying, "What deserves to be hung up should be hung up." He persisted in making phone calls and writing letters to the forced labour camp to request his wife's immediate release.

Eventually, his wife was released ahead of schedule, and they again started their own business. They explained Falun Dafa to people more rationally when they came into contact with their acquaintances and customers. Whenever the police came to visit, the husband stood up and requested that, before saying anything else, they first needed to resolve the incident in which police had beaten him up and broken three of his ribs. Realizing they could offer no proper justification, they always backed off.

However, the husband had not always done it this way. As a matter of fact, when his wife first began her cultivation practice, he was against it. In the beginning, he also opposed her efforts to clarify the truth. His subsequent change in attitude is attributed to the fact that his family members and close relatives had been clarifying the truth and explaining the principles to him.

The husband even pointed out that, according to these principles, his wife should not have fought with others when clarifying the truth to people. He said that if his wife does well, he would also learn to practice Falun Dafa. Now, the family members are getting along better and their relationships are harmonious.

From this experience, I learned that we should make sure the people around us, our relatives, and our friends, learn the truth. We should also help them understand that they should never cooperate with the evil persecutors. After learning the truth from us, most of my relatives now understand that Falun Dafa is good. I have even encouraged them to explain the truth to their acquaintances, and especially to tell those people who have persecuted Falun Dafa that they must never do it again. Some of my relatives actually did as I suggested. Whenever the subject of Falun Gong was mentioned in a group, they would defend Dafa. Besides feeling Falun Dafa's mighty virtue, these relatives gradually improved their moral character to become better people, and some even said, "We didn't quite care enough about each other before, but it's Falun Gong that has made us get along better."

Of course, here I would like to make a special suggestion. We should help the families and relatives of those illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners to understand that they should continue to make phone calls and write letters to the prisons, to demand answers to the question of why Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally detained and/or inhumanely treated. If such things exist, they should seek to secure the protection of the law, and never cooperate with authorities that denigrate Falun Dafa. This way, they can stand firmly on the solid ground [of principle.] It is those so called "law enforcement people" who persecute Falun Dafa, that always fail to abide by the law themselves. They are afraid if people are allowed to spread the truth, that people will enforce the law.


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